Rudiger Real Madrid | ‘Loco’ Rüdiger, the last hero of Real Madrid: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

The final scene of the draw Real Madrid ante el Shakhtar (1-1) at the Polish Army Stadium is the signature of the European champion. Repeated so many times, like the closing of a drama where those in white always triumph. Although the development of the action was bellicose, as the stage and a rival with their heads in the Ukraine were inviting, but at the same time placed on a lawn where He was about to take an epic triumph.

He frustrated the raising of the flag of the team from Donetsk Antonio Rüdiger, who ended as if it were a war. With his face completely bloodied, wrapped in bandages and about to lose his balance. However, the “crazy” German, the adjective with which he defines himself, had time before the hemorrhage to see that the ball he had headed actually entered Trubin’s goal.

last minute heroes

The Ukrainian goalkeeper made a false start and took the German defender ahead, who showed his face, with all the meaning of the expression, for the worst Real Madrid so far this season. Despite the huge bump, Rüdiger’s presence against Barcelona in the Clásico (Sunday, 4:15 p.m.) is not ruled out despite 20 stitches. The doctors of the white team carried out a radiological study today with which they ruled out a bone injury. The defender will have to wear a mask like the one he wore last season after suffering a broken nose.

The German joined the lineage of last-minute heroes who hang in an endless border in the white locker room. He did it after experiencing one of many European comebacks last year, the one carried out by Ancelotti’s team against Chelsea. “Nothing works for a long time, the public is silent for a long time, but then there comes that moment when the stadium shakes and freezes the opponent”, he assured in an interview with Sport 1 the German center-back, thus explaining the indescribable magic of the Bernabéu, where he arrived in the summer without thinking about it and where he is proving to be a patient and committed soldier.

The German knows that the competition in the rear is high, however, he already has more starters (7) than substitutions (5) in a context in which the current champions exercise their power Military y Alaba. Against Shakhtar, Rüdiger scored his second goal for Real Madrid, which in turn is your second so much in Champions, after the one he scored, precisely, with Chelsea in the stadium that is now his home. The first of the season was in the league against Mallorca. Although it is not the fundamental function of him, he already equals the average of the previous seasons.

Kroos was the cause

In the field, the author of the equalizer could hardly celebrate the target. He did it after the fact, reassuring Madrid fans with a message through social networks. As always, in his way, with a bleeding photo and the phrase: “What does not kill you makes you stronger. I’m fine, thanks for all the messages.. He cited his compatriot Friedrich Nietzsche, who could well include him in the category of his superman (Superman), being a man capable of surpassing himself and his nature. And it was the Germanic thread that Real Madrid pulled to certify their classification to the second round of the Champions League.

Because if Rüdiger was the consequence, Toni Kroos, his teammate on the German national team, was the cause. The midfielder was one of the few visitors who performed at a good level. ended as the player with the most chances generated (5), passes completed (108 of 115), total actions (139) and recoveries. The German alliance saved an invaluable point and showed that the chemistry in the locker room also translates on the pitch. “I have seen better images in my life, the truth. It is very strong. A lot of blood. I hope he’s back soon”, commented Toni, Antonio’s main supporter at Real Madrid, where both have rediscovered each other.

“We have always maintained a respectful relationship, but we only exchanged two sentences with each other. ‘Hello, how are you?, and goodbye’. Maybe because we just didn’t have enough time. I have met another Kroos here. He speaks good Spanish, is open and very helpful. He has supported me with the language from day one”, recognized Rüdiger, a player who fulfills Florentino Pérez’s soniquete: “You were born to play for Real Madrid”.

His reference was a former white player: “Pepe was my great role model. I always wanted to be like him. He used to watch videos in which he appeared facing his opponents. He was young, but I wanted to show that I could be tough too. Pepe was very good, both in the tackles and in the preparation of the game”.

That force, managed by the tactical rigor of “Don Carlo, a legend who already collected -as he defines him- titles when I was a child” has achieved a footballer who “is absolutely crazy (according to himself)”, a counterproductive attribute for most, but essential to be part of the history of a club prone to dementia that now hopes to rationalize the effort to formally regain leadership of The league.



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