Rostock Seawolves in the Basketball Bundesliga: budget, staff, goals

Rostock. The anticipation is great: 150 days after the promotion break with thousands of fans on the Neuer Markt in Rostock, the Seawolves start their adventure in the German Basketball League against Ratiopharm Ulm on Sunday, October 9th. “Experiencing the rise was fantastic. Now it’s time to take on the next task and master it successfully,” says André Jürgens. Ten years ago, the Rostockers were still playing in the regional league, since then they have celebrated three promotions and have arrived in the top national league. Club boss Jürgens leaves no doubt: “We came to stay!”

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In order to secure their place in the Bundesliga, the Seawolves have specifically strengthened their team. The three Americans Selom Mawugbe, Derrick Alston Jr. and JeQuan Lewis should bring a quality infusion. With Dennis Nawrocki, who was last active at BBL relegated Gießen, the wolves have signed a professional who has Bundesliga experience.

Formula for the new Seawolves team in Rostock: eight plus four

At the same time, the newcomer relies on continuity: the Seawolves fans see eight of their promotion heroes again at the start of the season. Identification figures such as Chris Carter and Tyler Nelson continue to wear the Rostock jersey. “These are exactly the players that we had in mind when we first planned for this season,” Held said at the beginning of the pre-season. “We said before last season that we wanted to put together a team with potential, to develop it and to work with it over the long term.”

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With Roy Krupnikas, who is only 15, and Mika Freitag, who is a year older than him. “We remain a club in which youth work is a top priority,” assures Jürgens.

Rostock Seawolves also in the economic boom

The sporting success in May was also followed by an economic upswing: “The budget of the entire club grows from 3.6 to around five million euros,” reports the club boss. Companies like the cruise line Aida and the company Apex are new partners of the Seawolves. Others, such as the new main sponsor Karls Erlebnisdörfer and the OSTSEE-ZEITUNG, have significantly expanded the cooperation that has existed for years.

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Only a fraction of the five million euros goes to the professional team: the office, training and game operations of all youth teams as well as the many Seawolves projects are also financed from the budget. Unlike all other 17 Bundesliga clubs, the Seawolves come to the BBL as a non-profit association without an outsourced professional department.

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Rostock basketball club gains new members after promotion

After the promotion, the basketball club accepted more than 300 new members. 2200 are currently. With this, the Seawolves have strengthened their position in terms of the number of active members as number two behind Alba Berlin.

The rise will broadcast nationwide. Because the television rights are owned by the Telekom subsidiary Magenta, 35,000 instead of the previous 3,500 viewers will be able to watch the Seawolves games live on the screen. The program around the match days will be more colourful. “People don’t just want and should be offered something sporty. Anyone who comes to us for the first time should feel so comfortable and well entertained that they will come back,” says André Jürgens, describing the vision.

Individual home games of the Rostock Seawolves are almost sold out

The club has so far sold 1,400 season tickets for the home games in the 4,500-capacity town hall. The goal we set ourselves was 1600. Some games, like the one against champions Alba Berlin on October 30th, are almost sold out. 3,500 spectators are expected at the start against Ulm on October 9th.

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“We really hope the fans don’t have to wait that long for the first Seawolves win. The best thing is if we can do it right at the start,” says Jens Hakanowitz.



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