Roma report cards – Dybala, what a gem! Smalling like in the NBA, Thorn in the side

Final result: Inter-Roma 1-2

Rui Patricio 5.5 – He could do something more on Dimarco’s goal even if the conclusion from the Nerazzurri winger is angled and powerful. For the rest, however, careful performance.

Mancini 6 – Stuck in the center of the defense, he always chooses the right timing of the head intervention to stem the raids of Dimarco but also of Lautaro and the Inter midfielders.

Smalling 7,5 – The duel with Dzeko is one of the most exciting of the challenge. Physical and sense of position for the Roma defender who bars the doors of the penalty area to the Bosnian. He flies to the sky to make the goal of the Giallorossi advantage with a third time worthy of an NBA player and saves on Gosens in the final.

Ibanez 6.5 – Graced by the VAR when he ends up pivoting and turning Dzeko beating Rui Patricio. For the rest he plays a careful game without risking too much.

Literacy 5,5 – He is often searched on the right wing but the cross is almost never accurate. On his side, Dimarco is a very uncomfortable customer, he is anticipated by the Nerazzurri winger on the occasion of the 1-0.

Cristante 6.5 – Slides the ball that generates the canceled goal to Dzeko. Makes a good density in the middle of the field preventing opponents from finding the right space to hit.

Matic 6,5 – Together with Cristante he closes the spaces in the middle of the field forcing the opponents to open the game on the outside. He too imperfect on the occasion of the goal not validated in Dzeko but it is the only flaw. He grows in the second half.

Spinazzola 7 – A lot of racing as always for the winger of the Italian national team. Excellent diagonals in defense to close on Dumfries. He fires up in speed when he recovers and goes to serve the equalizer to Dybala.

Pellegrini 7 – Always very skilled between the lines. He takes the ball and tries to invent something in the middle of the field. Delicious the cross for the goal of the advantage achieved by Smalling. From 81 ‘Camara sv

Zaniolo 6 – Look for a dialogue with Pellegrini to then go and attack the opponent’s area. He does a great job for his teammates, unlucky when he has to kick on goal. From 87 ‘Belotti sv

Dybala 7.5 – The cases of life, and of football. He shows the Dybala mask to what could have been his audience this summer by scoring a goal to see and review for the coordination and the conclusion that folds Handanovic’s hands. Regret of the Nerazzurri market? Meanwhile, Roma and Mourinho pamper him. Dal 58′ Abraham 6 – Does a great job for the team. He touches the goal with a play but is not lucky and in the end he devours the ball of the knockout.

José Mourinho (Salvatore Foti on the bench) 7 – Prepare the match in the best way and play a bad joke on his former team. Three points in comeback a very important game.



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