Reggio Emilia opens the dance by rolling Treviso, the report cards

Reggio Emilia dominates at Palaverde, commanding the game and the score from the first to the last minute against a disappointing Nutribullet Treviso Basket. Archived the first quarter with only seven points scored, Treviso has never managed to mend the tear built by the Reggiana of the former Menetti, collapsing for 58-78 in home. Excellent choral rehearsal for the guests, in Treviso only Zanelli and Ireogbu are saved.

Nutribullet Treviso Basket

Banks 4.5: some physical problem does not justify the disappointing, confusing shooting and ball possession test. The lost five weigh a lot, some too trivial.

Threat 5.5: albeit late he tries to save the evening, among the few to give some positive ideas in a horror debut for Treviso.

Tailor 5: launched into the fray only halfway through the third quarter, struggling in defense without having real opportunities in attack.

Zanelli 5.5: as a landlord he shows pride in trying to contain the gusts of Reggio in every way, adding three triples out of six attempts. Not guilty.

Jurkatamm sv: good things on defense, less on offense. Comes out after a bad fall, it doesn’t look like anything serious.

Sorokas 5: some small signs, even if it is very difficult to contain the opponents in the painted. He undergoes (and feeds) the bad evening shooting in Treviso.

Cooke 4: in evident difficulty in both halves, with a confusing rebounding presence. He scores the only points of the evening on the line.

Jantunen 5: among the most confused at the start, as the minutes go by he tries to make himself useful with mixed fortunes. Much of the Treviso season will pass from his growth.

Sokolowski 4.5: at times listless, perhaps in post European oxygen debt. Too little for a player of his qualities for a team that cannot ignore his defense and his baskets.

Unahotels Reggio Emilia

Robertson 7: the only flaw is the 1/5 from three points, for the rest he tries to make himself useful in various ways, while going over the top at times, as evidenced by the 4 lost.

Anim 6.5: physical presence on a defensive level, a problem for direct opponents.

Reuvers 6.5: three heavy blocks during the match, even if he is stubborn in the long shot, not finding the way to the basket in easy situations.

Hopkins 7: dominates the comparison with Cooke on a technical and physical level, touching the double double with 9 points and 13 rebounds.

Onion 6.5: nine encouraging minutes in terms of personality, will be useful for Menetti’s rotations.

Vitali 7: always in control of the pace when on the pitch, he finishes with 12 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists.

Cinciarini 8: picks up where he left off with a well-rounded test; he also adds three triples so as not to miss anything, closing with a 26 rating.

Diouf 7: 13 minutes at all, doing a shoulder in the painted. 8 points and 4 rebounds, a performance that bodes well for him with the double commitment that awaits Reggio Emilia.



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