Red alert: Klopp talks about Luis Díaz’s injury in Arsenal vs Liverpool, he left on crutches | Colombians Abroad

Luis Diaz is the reason for Liverpool’s concern, perhaps more so than the 3-2 loss to Arsenal in the Premier League derby itself.

The Colombian requested the substitution in the 42nd minute after a tough tackle from Partey, which forced him to limp out and head straight to the locker room.

And after that, the updates coming from England have been increasingly worrying, where the last to explain the situation was coach Jürgen Klopp himself.

“He has something in his knee, it’s not good,” said the German at the press conference after the fall, a total red alarm about the Colombian’s situation.

Klopp acknowledged that they have two concerns about injuries that forced the changes, because in addition to Diaz, Trent Alexander-Arnold was also hit: “We have two very hard injuries for us, Trent and Luis,” he told Sky Sports.

The Anfield Watch account also speaks of another even more critical sign: “Luiz Díaz has just left the Emirates Stadium on crutches and with a knee brace,” he reported.

That information was confirmed by the journalist Luis Fernando Restrepo from London: “Luis Díaz is leaving the Emirates using crutches. Tomorrow in Liverpool more tests will be done to find out the extent of the injury to his left knee,” he said on Twitter.

Crutches, they say, information that adds concern while waiting for an official diagnosis, which will probably wait until Monday. Patience and positive energy from all over your country to guajiro pride…



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