Record home run: Fan catches baseball – and could soon be 2 million francs richer


Record home runFan catches baseball – and could soon be 2 million francs richer

Imagine your life would be gilded with a visit to the stadium. That’s exactly what happened to a supporter of the New York Yankees.

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A historic blow: Yankee Aaron Judge hits his 62nd home run of the current season.


With that, Judge breaks a 60-year record.

With that, Judge breaks a 60-year record.


The number 99 ball immediately becomes an expensive relic.

The number 99 ball immediately becomes an expensive relic.


  • Aaron Judge did something historic on Tuesday night: he set a record with his 62nd home run in a season.

  • The ball, which Judge smashed into the crowd for his best mark, immediately becomes a piece of sporting history.

  • For the baseball catcher, that means he caught pure gold. An auction house offers him over two million francs.

A caught baseball could suddenly make a fan a rich man – should he accept the offer of two million francs. This is how much the owner of an auction house wants to pay for the ball Cory Youmans caught after a home run by New York Yankees pro Aaron Judge on Tuesday night. The AP news agency reported on Wednesday, citing a conversation with JP Cohen, President of Memory Lane in Tustin, California.

Judge’s 62nd home run of the season broke a 61-year-old record in the American League, one of Major League Baseball’s two divisions. Because the even better values ​​in the National League were all achieved by players with a doping background, the value was considered the clean record in American baseball.

Not the most expensive

When asked immediately after the catch what his plans were for the ball, Youmans, a businessman from Texas, replied: “Good question. I haven’t thought about it yet.” The record price for a baseball hitting a home run is three million Swiss francs. The sum was paid for the ball with which Mark McGwire set the record of 70 home runs in a main round in 1998.

In a home run, a player hits the ball with the bat so far that it flies out of bounds and cannot be caught by the opponent. Fans who catch these balls get to keep them. Many spectators in the stadiums therefore have baseball gloves on.

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