Real Madrid – Osasuna: Chronicle, goals and result

BarcelonaReal Madrid is no longer the leader of the League, an honor that belongs to Barça, which returns to occupy this position for the first time since the pandemic, 28 months later. The whites have drawn against Osasuna (1-1) in a match where, contrary to what is usual at the Chamartín club, they have not been lucky in the face. They missed a penalty and played the last quarter of an hour with one extra footballer. But, even so, they have not been successful in front of goal.

Football returned to the Bernabéu after the international break and the day after seeing Barça beat Mallorca, albeit suffering. The Whites have taken note and have taken the game against Osasuna very seriously. But those from Pamplona have made it clear, from the first minute, that they had not gone to Madrid to do tourism.

The white attacks, however, were constant and in the end Madrid found the prize of the goal with a cross-shot from Vinicius. The Brazilian’s shot went between the three posts and was not touched by any local player, despite the fact that two – who were positioned offside – did make the gesture of touching the ball. This confused the goalkeeper, who reacted late. The Osasuna players have asked for orsai, but the member, also from Madrid Cuadra Fernández (despite being attached to the Balearic Committee) has not wanted to know anything about it.

Osasuna did not give up and started the second half on the attack. And so the tie has arrived. Kike, from the penalty spot, finished off a cross into the box and made it impossible for Lunin, who was playing in place of the injured Courtois, to pull in.

Penalty in favor of Madrid whistled by VAR

As usual with Madrid, conceding a goal has not brought them down. They took advantage of the fact that Osasuna took a step back to turn over Sergio Herrera’s goal. In the 75th minute, David García brought down Benzema when the Madrid striker – who was returning to play after a knee injury – was in the small area. Cuadra Fernández did not see the action live but did not hesitate to whistle a penalty when he was warned by the VAR. In addition, he has expelled the defender.

Benzema wanted to kick and fired with all the power in the world. However, the ball hit the crossbar and went out. The whites have played the last 15 minutes, plus five of the penalty, with an advantage. And they haven’t taken advantage of it. These of Osasuna are the first points that escape them in this League, and they also mean losing the leadership in favor of Barça for gol average.



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