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Uchida: “I don’t know yet if I’ll get tryouts.”

Rakuten announced on the 22nd that it will not sign pitchers for the 2023 season to pitchers Yoshinao Kamata, Kanji Teraoka, Yuki Watanabe, infielders Yasuhito Uchida, and outfielders Masaaki Iwami. The comments of each player announced at the same time are as follows.

○ Yoshinao Kamata
“From my first year, I was able to pitch in many games in the 1st Army, and being able to say that I got off to a good start as a professional baseball player remains a very good memory. I think my professional baseball life was frustrating because I couldn’t play as I wanted.I was supported by many people, and I was able to go through rehabilitation with a strong desire to return to the first team mound. It was a small amount, but I’m glad I was able to show it to the people who took care of me.I’m thinking of not taking tryouts, but I’d like to talk to my family about my future, including my active career, and make a decision. ”

○Kanji Teraoka
“It was a very short five years. I have a lot of memories when I was allowed to pitch all the time in the first army, and in the second year I pitched a team record 51 games at the farm, and I thought I could do it myself. I would like to thank the manager, coaches, and team members who hired me, as well as the fans who supported me.From now on, let’s take a tryout first. My body is fine, and I think I can still do it, so I want to compete as far as I can.”

○ Yuki Watanabe
“I wasn’t able to do much, but I met a lot of people and gained a lot of experience, so I’m glad I was able to spend five years with the Eagles. I clearly remember the scenery when I climbed, and I can’t forget it.I’m thinking about not taking tryouts.I haven’t decided what to do, so I’ll consult with various people and decide. I would like”

○ Yasuhito Uchida
“It was nine years, but I am grateful for the various experiences I have had. There was a year when I was able to hit double-digit home runs in the first team, but I was not able to leave a record that would live up to my expectations. I still have nothing but gratitude to the team and the fans who have supported me.I don’t know yet if I will take tryouts or not, but I would like to stick to my active career, so I would like to continue practicing hard. Thank you very much for the 9 years.”

○Masaki Iwami
“I have a lot of small memories, but I was happiest when I hit my first professional hit and my first home run. At the end of my first year, I thought I was in a world that was so amazing that I felt like I would be out of the force even sooner. I feel that I was given the chance to play this game, and I am full of gratitude to the director, coaches, and everyone on the team.I am thinking about taking tryouts, and I am healthy without any injuries, so I am sticking to active play. I would like to continue practicing

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