PSG: Why the sheikhs are mad at Kylian Mbappé – FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL

PSG: Why the sheikhs are mad at Kylian Mbappé – FOOTBALL INTERNATIONAL

“I never asked for my move in January. I didn’t understand the info that came out on the day of the game. I am not directly or indirectly involved in this information.”

With these words, Kylian Mbappé (23) recently put a stop to a possible departure.

However, according to consistent media reports initially published by RMC Sport and Marca, the Frenchman does want to leave Paris Saint-Germain this winter.


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Those: ASO via AP

But the soap opera is far from over! As “AS” now reports, the PSG bosses in Qatar are no longer in good spirits about their former favorite. Accordingly, one even feels “cheated” by Mbappé!

In addition, the “AS” reports that the bosses should be particularly bothered that Mbappé wants to dictate the rules of the club. A clause that was promised to him when he extended his contract in the spring.

Mbappé wanted a “real” striker in the summer, but he didn’t get it. That’s why the Frenchman was very angry with the sporting management. After that, the relationship between the striker and the bosses should be broken!

A clarifying discussion is to take place in the coming days! According to media reports, PSG boss Nasser Al-Khelaifi is not considering selling his star. In the spring he had done everything to keep him in Paris for two more years – there is a clause on the third year.

Mbappé: “I was shocked by the news, just like everyone else. People may think I’m involved, but I’m not.”

Mbappé had already caused a lot of resentment in the national team. On September 19, he refused to attend a sponsorship date. Of course, the French association went to the ceiling. Mbappé is THE advertising face for the national team. Even more so in a World Cup year.

Let’s see if he totally messes it up at PSG too.


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