Ponteareas, a club at the top of Galician tennis but without changing rooms

Not everything is football in Ponteareas anymore. The racket has stood up to the ball and the Ponteareas Tennis Club, which began its career 13 years ago with twenty players, has scored a point with the nearly 180 chips it currently has. They are the seventh club, tied with the sixth, with the most Galician chips and, although they are at the top of the Galician competition, they lack decent changing rooms where they can change, shower or go to the bathroom before and after training or a competition.

“When we host a tournament and players from other clubs arrive, they are amazed because they have nowhere to change,” lamented Juan Carlos Fernández, the Club’s president. “Sometimes they have to go relieve themselves in the bush,” acknowledges the president, who explains that the only thing they have is a two-by-five-meter wooden shed that they use as a changing room, with a single bathroom and shower. , and which also serves as a warehouse. “It’s embarrassing,” insists the director, who has been demanding decent facilities from the City Council for 7 years.

“It is shameful”, insists the president, who has been demanding decent facilities from the City Council for 7 years

four tracks

The lack of changing rooms, in addition to the obvious drawbacks, slows down the growth of the team, which has had to give up hosting higher-level competitions due to this circumstance. “We are tied hand and foot,” denounces the president, who, on the contrary, indicates that the slopes are located in a privileged environment, in the A Freixa area. “We started with two tracks and now we have four”, indicates Fernández, while emphasizing that “at first we trained two days a week and now all week”.

“Everything grew except the locker rooms”, insists the spokesman for the Ponteareas Tennis Club, emphasizing that “it is a basic need, not a whim.” In this sense, it should be noted that Ponteareas has, according to recent data from the Galician Tennis Federation, more chips than renowned clubs such as Coruña or Vigo. “We are above clubs with incredible facilities,” says Juan Carlos Fernández, recalling that they organize high-level tournaments such as Vila do Corpus, which in the last edition brought together nearly 200 tennis players, who were unable to use changing rooms, because there are none.

full motion

“The school has grown so much that we can no longer wait,” urges the president. For this reason, the opposition from Ponteareas brought a motion to the last plenary session to reclaim these changing rooms. “All the Sports councilors who have passed through the Council in the last 7 years tell us yes, but the reality is different and we are tired of so much promise”, laments Juan Carlos Fernández, who indicates that the plenary approved said motion, although “They were not able to put a date.”



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