Police report calm after HSV bankruptcy in the city derby

NAccording to the police, after the Hamburg city derby of the 2nd Bundesliga between FC St. Pauli and Hamburger SV, things have remained largely quiet. In the entire police operation, 47 people were taken into custody, and twelve identity checks were made, according to a statement late Friday evening. Five police officers were injured. A total of about 1,445 officers were deployed.

A video circulating on Twitter, which shows massive action against FC St. Pauli fans, also caused discussions. “The examination of the legality and proportionality of this measure is ongoing,” it said late Friday evening.

The footage shows several people being pinned to the ground by police officers. One officer beat a man lying on the ground while another pinned his legs. “These videos never look nice,” said police spokeswoman Sandra Levgrün. “But that’s not a colleague for fun!” The officer in the video is a federal police officer. FC St. Pauli had asked for clarification. “There was a massive police operation on the Heiligengeistfeld, several people were injured,” said the association.

According to the police, around 150 masked St. Pauli supporters had run up to a fan march of 3,500 Hamburger SV supporters. “It was a targeted action,” said Levgrün. “We intervened and prevented the HSV fans from being massively attacked.” The police took a subgroup into custody. There are indications that FC St. Pauli fans also tried to attack officials. Overall, the HSV fan march remained peaceful.

Even after Hamburger SV lost 3-0, there were no significant incidents. 1,500 HSV supporters set out from the Millerntor Stadium – accompanied by police officers – in the direction of the Reeperbahn to Hans-Albers-Platz. After that, the fans would have spread out in the surrounding bars or gone home, the police report said. For the first time since the beginning of the corona pandemic in 2020, the derby was allowed to take place in a sold-out stadium. 29,205 spectators saw FC St. Pauli win.



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