Orlegi’s steps with Mareo: finalize the renewal of the facilities contract, with a canon increase and is in contact with Heritage technicians

Abelardo Fernández, coach of Sporting, yesterday endorsed the Orlegi Sports project to transform the Mareo Football School into a high-performance sports center. The rojiblanco coach assured in a press conference that he was aware of the Mexican group’s plans to modernize the rojiblanco facilities. “I know the project they are going to do. The works are going to start… I think next week, that is expected. The remodeling they want to do (Orlegi) is very good. It is spectacular. They are phenomenal. The improvement in all the facilities are very good. There will be some works that are going to harm the functioning of the first team and B as little as possible, but everything is going to be very nice”, praised the rojiblanco coach after knowing the intentions of the new property. Orlegi, meanwhile, continues polishing the last details in order to begin work on Mareo as soon as possible, which will consist of two phases until it is completed. His idea is to start the operation next week, but it will depend, of course, on how all the administrative procedures progress, which are not expected to be simple, with the option of extending the initially planned deadlines. At the moment, attention is focused on the Mareo operation, with the El Molinón 2030 project, crucial from a strategic point of view for the Group, in the background, at least in recent times.

Orlegi is scheduled to meet with the Principality. But the energies these days are in Mareo, where he has several open fronts to start the remodeling. On the one hand, closing the agreement, at a very advanced stage, with the City Council to extend the Mareo rental contract, which will be, unless changed, until 2042, in talks that began months ago, shortly after taking control the group chaired by Alejandro Irarragorri.

Orlegi is in contact with municipal Heritage technicians. This new contract, which is intended to close before starting to operate, will imply an increase in the canon that the club pays to the Consistory. Orlegi, later, will transfer his project to remodel Mareo to the City Council, which claims to be unaware of the intentions of the new property. The presentation for fans is also expected soon.

The Mexican group, in any case, maintains a deep secrecy with an operation that it hopes to start in a matter of days and that affects a municipal facility. The Urbanism technicians will be the ones who evaluate, with the plans, the ins and outs of the project. Orlegi has made changes to the project, small and more relevant, in order to enhance the use of the facilities.


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