New photo fuels paternity speculation

A new picture of former porn actress Lana Rhoades (26) seems to clarify the paternity of her child. So far, two NBA stars from the Brooklyn Nets have been under suspicion.

In the harmless-looking picture, porn star Lana Rhoades can be seen together with Milo, who was born in January. However, the resemblance to an NBA star seems to be the definitive proof of the little one’s paternity for many NBA and “movie” fans.

Previous suspicions have been Kevin Durant, 34, and Blake Griffin, 33, who both play for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA, as the adult film actress revealed via TikTok that the kid was born from a hot night with a Nets player. Due to the boy’s striking resemblance to Griffin, many are now certain – it must be his child.

Lana Rhoades

Blake Griffin

no gentleman

If he really is the father, he doesn’t seem to display particularly gentlemanly behavior. “I swear to god I thought NBA players were nice guys. Next thing I was pregnant and he said f*** myself,” Rhoades clarified in reference to the child’s father. In addition, he is said to have invited a replacement option to the date if it didn’t work out with one.

Kevin Durant isn’t completely ruled out, however, as the porn star revealed on a podcast that said Nets player’s zodiac sign is Libra. In the entire squad of the basketball team, only he would be an option. It remains to be seen whether there will ever be a statement on this subject and the riddle will be solved.

Kevin Durant



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