New 3×3 basketball court in Villa Ramallo

Program for the Strengthening of Public Spaces.

The Department of Sports of the Municipality of Ramallo, through the Program for Strengthening Public Spaces -supported with resources from the percentage allocated to Fomude projects- is carrying out different interventions in the localities of the district.

The objective is to promote recreation spaces that can be used by the entire community, generating areas of integration.

On this occasion, a 3×3 basketball court was installed in Plaza Belgrano in Villa Ramallo.

“The purpose is to enrich the offer of urban sports and contribute to a space that becomes not only for sports use but also for family recreation,” summarized the mayor, Gustavo Perie.

What is 3×3 basketball?

As its name suggests, in this sport three players play against three others in a single basket. The playing surface is 15 meters wide by 11 meters long and only one substitute per team is allowed. The duration of the match lasts 10 minutes and if before that time elapses any team reaches 21 points, it wins.

Each possession lasts 12 seconds, which is half the length of a normal basketball possession. As for scoring, each basket adds 1 point, while baskets from further away from the three-point line add 2 points.


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