NBA: That’s how much a mascot earns! Unbelievable sum | Sports

There is a lot of show going on in the US NBA league. But that this show costs SO much is surprising!

The Denver Nuggets’ mascot “Rocky the Mountain Lion” collects a whopping $625,000 per season! The US medium “Boardroom” found out.

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Source: Twitter: @1.fcnürnbrg


He earns around ten times that of his colleagues. The other NBA mascots get 60,000 on average.

Even crazier: the mascot earns almost as much as a nuggets player! The minimum salary is 925,258 euros. Especially professionals who are selected in the second round of the NBA draft get so little compared to “Rocky the Mountain Lion”.

The reason for the high salary is that the mascot of the Nuggets makes a lot of show. He entertains the spectators during the half-time breaks. Artists are booked for other teams. Therefore, the sum is not that high compared to the missing extra costs.

Number two: “Harry the Hawk” by the Atlanta Hawks with $ 600,000. The Chicago Bulls’ “Benny the Bull” followed with $400,000, followed by the Phoenix Suns’ “Go the Gorilla” with $200,000.



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