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NBA star James Bouknight makes negative headlines. The 22-year-old playmaker crashes into two police cars while drunk.

Charlotte Hornets’ James Bouknight is causing a stir with negative headlines. The NBA star was temporarily arrested on Sunday morning. Bouknight allegedly rammed two police cars while intoxicated. This is reported by the “TMZ” portal.

The 22-year-old is said to have tried to sleep off his intoxication in the driver’s seat of his Mercedes. Police officials became aware of the playmaker because the basketball player had a gun on his lap. They tried to wake up the American for an hour. However, Bouknight refused to get out of his car. Instead, the NBA star ate a bag of chips and then tried to flee from police control.

According to the report, Bouknight crashed into two police cruisers. After the accident, the 22-year-old turned himself in and was arrested for “driving with disabilities”. The basketball professional now has to answer for drunk driving in court. However, the open carrying of the weapon has no consequences for Bouknight. Carrying a handgun in public is not illegal in North Carolina.

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