NBA, LeBron James owner of a franchise in Las Vegas after retirement?

I Los Angeles Lakers play the second game of the preseason and they still have to postpone the appointment with the victory. The 23 points of LeBron James in a half, with 8 out of 11 shooting, they are not enough because the Suns of Devin Booker – who scored 22 points – prevailed. At the end of the race, for the number 6 there is room for Los Angeles people to talk about the future as well.

James’s words

LeBron James has spoken several times in the past about his desire to become a franchise owner at the end of his career. Maybe just a Las Vegasfavorite destination of the 37enne. And after the game with the Suns he sent another very clear message to commissioner Adam Silver. These are his words:

“I know Adam is in Abu Dhabi right now, I believe it. But he probably reads every single interview and transcript that comes from NBA players. So, I would like a team there [Las Vegas] Adam. Thank you.”

The commissioner has always described Las Vegas as a great market for the sport, adding that sooner or later the league will extend its reach. But expansion does not appear to be an urgent topic of debate. James also revealed the reasons behind his dream:

“It’s the best fanbase in the world. And I would love to bring a team there at some point. It would be great.”

LeBron James owns a sizable sports investment portfolio that takes the form of stakes in Fenway Sports Group, owner of Liverpool and the Boston Red Sox. With assets estimated at over a billion dollars, sooner or later he will also get an NBA franchise.

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