NBA, Dallas Mavericks: the run-up to the ring has started

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Last year the run-up to the ring stopped at the finals of Conferenceagainst future champions of the Golden State Warriorspostponing the title of NBA championswhich is missing fromAmerican Airlines Center for 11 years now, since 2011. In that vintage i Mavswhich they failed to get to Lebron James e Shaquille O’Nealmanaged on the other hand to hold back the great star Dirk Nowitzki. The 2011 vintage was an important market for the Dallaswhich allowed the coach Rick Carlisle to have more depth on the bench. In that year i Big D they managed to sign players of the caliber of Tyson ChandlerAleksandar PavlovicCorey BrewerIan Meaningful e Predrag Stojakovic. The purchases proved to be spot on and gave the great star of the team the opportunity to have a quality group at their side.

The Dallas Mavericks win the ring

The season was born immediately under the lucky stars and even on the pitch the team seemed to be immediately wonderful, so much so that the Texans managed to conclude the regular season with a record of 57-25, which allowed them to play the playoff as seeded number 3 in the Western Conferenceon an equal footing with i Los Angeles Lakers and behind the San Antonio Spurs. In the playoffi Mavs they begin an unstoppable march: they easily eliminated the Portland Trail Blazers by 4-2, i Lakers defending champions of Kobe Bryant for 4-0 with also a 36-point win in game four and reaching the finals of Conference where did the Oklahoma City Thunder for 4-1 thus reaching the finals NBA for the second time in their history. At the finals NBA i Mavericks they find themselves facing an enemy familiar to them, i Miami Heat already met five years earlier. This time the story was different, and despite many according to him Heat from LeBron e Dwane Wadewere not beatable, i Mavs they showed all their tenacity and managed to finish the series at 4-2, with Dirk Nowitzki, MVP of the ends.

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The years after the ring, disappointments in series

Nowitzki, Dallas

The years to come, which should have been those of the construction of a winning cycle as often happens after a victory of this magnitude, were instead a succession of bitter disappointments. The first post-victory year of the ring was a troubled year. LNBA the year experienced a season with just 66 games compared to the usual 82, due to the lockout, i.e. the stop imposed by the owners of the deductibles due to the expiry of the collective agreement. The regular season, for i Mavs ended with a 7th place in the Western Conferenceand the sensational elimination with a resounding 4-0 against Oklahoma. The following season started with the sale of Jason Kidd and Jason Terry, who had been protagonists just two years before the conquest of the ring. The season turned out to be a great flop, also due to the German star’s injury Nowitzkiand the team couldn’t even qualify for the playoff. The following 7 seasons also proved a failure, with the team that despite a salary cap among the highest in the league, never managed to build a competitive team, also due to the many mistakes on the market especially relating to free agents. In these seven seasons the Texas team reached the post season on four occasions, but was always eliminated in the first round.

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Doncic-Porzingis, the beginning of a new era

The run-up of the Mavericks towards more appropriate positions begins in 2018, when al draft NBA of that same year they exchanged Trae Young with the young Slovenian Luka Doncicat first drafted give it Atlanta Hawks. Although the first season is unfortunate, lacking access to the playoffthe star of the Slovenian begins to shine so much that he is awarded the prize of rookie of the year. 2019, with the acquisition of the Latvian wing Porzingis proves a further step of growth not only for the player, who also earns the call to theAll Star Game 2020but also for the whole team that succeeds after 3 years of absence to take part again in the playoff. Despite being eliminated in the first round, the team demonstrates, thanks to the performance of its duo, that it can build a solid and winning future. Even the season 2020-2021 ends with the elimination of the team in the first round playoffdefeat in race 7 come on Los Angeles Clippers.

Doncic e Porzingis, Dallas Mavericks

Last season, it opens for the Dallas with a big news on the bench. In fact, the historic coach of the franchise, Rick, says goodbye Carlisle, who is replaced by one of the most iconic players in the history of Mavsas well as winner of the ring, Jason Kidd. The team under his skilful leadership manages to finish the regular season in 4th place, with a record of 52-30. In the first round of the playoffi Mavsland they manage to get the best of Utah Jazz for 4 to 2, overcoming the shift after years. The semifinals of Conference they see the team of Doncic committed against i Sunscredited with number 1 of seedings. The series for Doncic and his teammates started badly, with a sharp 2 to 0, which forced the Texan team to a double victory in the matches at theAmerican Airlines Center. The team pushed by its audience and its star, manages to bring the series into a tie. The team shows character, and manages to drag the favorites Suns until race 7, when the double-double35 points and 10 assists, by the Slovenian star, push the Mavs to play the final of Conference. The final is without history, against the future champions ofNBA of the Golden State Warriorsthe team manages to win only one race, but proving to be ready for the next step, arriving at Finals.

Dallas Mavericks 2022-2023: after the disappointment, Doncic in search of the ring

The season that is about to begin will be a pivotal year to try to bring back the most prestigious title in basketball, theNBA ring, that all of Dallas dreams about. The team always led by Jason Kidd on the bench and by the star Luka Doncic, it seems ready to leap in quality. During the’off-seasonthe team that now has a well-defined backbone, puts the big forward Christian in its mosaic Wood give it Houston Rockets e Javal McGee dai Suns. In this season 2022-2023which for i Mavs will start on Thursday 10 October on the field of Phoenix Suns, the goal, as stated several times by Doncic himself, will be to win the ring. Naturally, for this to be possible, the contribution of the Slovenian star, favored to the prize of MVP of the upcoming regular season and men’s Dallas franchise. Although they are not the number one favorites for the final victory, the team could take a further qualitative step just by improving the result of last year, winning the final of Conferencetitle missing from the year of the ring in 2011. The three preseason games that await the team against OKC, Orlando e Utahbefore the debut in the regular season, they could give some answers in this sense.

Dallas Mavericks

Jason Kidd moreover, he already seems to have quite clear ideas of what he should be starting five of his team. The role of center, for example, should belong to the newly arrived Javal McGeAnd. To end up on the bench would therefore be the other novelty in the roster of Mavs, Christian Wood, which he will do at least in the beginning as a sixth man. The purchase of Woodit is important as it will lead to the team of Kidd much more versatility, as it is important the confirmation of Maximilian Kleber. Despite the lack of an additional star of the caliber of Doncicthe team seems well assembled and ready for a great season, with the fans and all the people of Dallas who hope to celebrate at the end of the year and boast the title of world champions, a title that belongs to the winning team of the most spectacular and difficult championship. of the world, the National Basketball Associationmore commonly known as NBA.

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