Moutet’s coach contextualizes clash with Andreev

It’s not the first time it’s happened, but it’s still surprising that two professional players, who should already be mature enough on the court, face each other physically in the clash at the net once the match is over. The same thing happened last Thursday in the Orleans Challenger when Corentin Moutet fell defeated by Adrian Andreev by 6-2, 7-6(3) and 7-6(2). Although the images are shocking, they are still not so surprising after listening to the statements of Laurent Raymond, Moutet’s trainer, who offers some context in an interview with L’Equipe.


“There was nothing unusual from Corentin before the game. The only difference is that they had met a few days ago in the Genoa Challenger, with a defeat for Moutet by 6-3, 6-7 (6) and 4-6, and that led to a particular context. Nothing unusual happened in Genoa that I know of. Only in the high-five, where Andreev made fun of him saying something like: ‘I beat you, I’m the best.’ But nothing further”, explained Laurent.

Voltage from heating

Moutet made fun of his rival when he went upstairs to practice his volleys: “It’s something he does from time to time. He enters the court full of energy, he is on his own and that is also part of the intimidation. Maybe it was a consequence of what happened in Genoa, but I don’t know.”

During the match and at the net

“Corentin was expressive, as he always is, he talks a lot on the track. He talked to the referee when he didn’t hear a let, but honestly, nothing beyond the usual. After match point, it was Andreev who delivered the first blow with his shoulder. Corentin told me that he had told him: ‘Fuck you’ twice during the match. There was a confrontation in the network, but it did not happen from there. The chair umpire separated them. They wanted to see each other after the game, but there was no explanation or physical contact, they were not allowed to get close, “details the Frenchman’s coach.

Consequences of the crash

“We have to wait for the report from the ATP referee who will question the witnesses, starting with the chair umpire. I think he wanted to take his time and give his verdict cold.”



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