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Lots of badminton action this weekend. In addition to the emotions of the Yonex-Sunrise Vietnam Open the show was not lacking in that of Calgary with the 2022 edition of Yonex Canada Open, event that took place inside the Badminton Markin Macphail Center.

The protagonist of the exhibition is certainly the hostess Michelle Li, skilled in the final in the female individual to break down for 2 a 0 la Sung Shuo-yun (Taipei Cinese). More uncertain, however, the situation of the men’s draw with France which has imposed itself with the score of 2 a 1 su Takuma Obayashi (Giappone)

The Japanese were also protagonists of the double with a monopoly of both finals. To the masculine Ayato Endo/Yuta Takei they got the better of Takuto Inoue / Kenya Mitsuhashi for 2-0, while the women Rena Miyaura/Ayako Sakuramoto they quickly closed the game with a clear 2-0 against Rui Hirokami / Japan Yuna Kato.

Badminton, Vietnam Open: Nguyễn Thùy Linh celebrates at home in the women’s individual

The party did not arrive, however, in mixed doubles with the Japanese Hiroki Midorikawa/Natsu Saito who were rejected in the deciding set against the Chinese Taipei. Ye Hong-wei / Lee Chia-hsin they responded to every attack down to the last point, 2 to 1 was the final result against the representatives of Japan.


Male individual
Takuma Obayashi (Japan) – Alex Lanier (France) 1/2

Female individual
Sung Shuo-yun (Taipei Cinese) – Michelle Li (Canada) 0-2

Double male
Ayato Endo/Yuta Takei (Giappone) – Takuto Inoue/Kenya Mitsuhashi (Giappone) 2/0

Double female
Rena Miyaura/Ayako Sakuramoto (Giappone) – Rui Hirokami/Japan Yuna Kato (Giappone) 2-0

Mixed doubles
Hiroki Midorikawa/Natsu Saito (Giappone) – Ye Hong-wei/Lee Chia-hsin (Taipei Chinese) 1/2



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