Marcelo Casaretto tried to “boludo” the deputy who filmed him watching a basketball game and says he was never a Kirchnerist

The legislator was filmed in the Chamber of Deputies while enjoying the victory of Echagüe de Paraná during the debate on the 2023 Budget project.

After the controversy that was generated by being filmed watching a basketball game in the lower house, the national deputy Marcelo Casaretto tried to “boludo” the legislator who filmed him and said that he was never a Kirchnerist.

“The session lasted 22 or 24 hours more or less. When that Chamber of an asshole of a deputy who is sitting behind us, who isInstead of doing something else, he starts filming me to see what I do. Well, I’m in the compound. When he focuses on the side of Together for Change, of 116 deputies there were 12 seated,” Casaretto said.

The deputy of the Frente de Todos was involved in the controversy when he was filmed in the Chamber of Deputies while enjoying the victory of Echagüe de Paraná, a club of which he is vice president, while the 2023 Budget project was being debated.

“I am in all the sessions as Secretary of the Budget Committee. Of the 120 speakers, I can tell you who spoke and what each one said. The only one who saw all the hours of the session was me, because I was there. I always have the headphones because I am talking on the phone with governors, mayors and people from my team, “she justified.

Along these lines, the pro-government legislator continued: “I am working, and my computer is always open. If they want to take photos of me or film me from behind, they will also see that sometimes I am watching the news or social networks, because it does my homework. be informed. And yes, I also look at sports portals”.

“If you want to look for someone who works more than me is difficult. I can recite each point of the Budget, not like others who were asleep on their bench, who had gone home, some who voted once and deserted the rest of the votes “, she pointed out in dialogue with CNN Radio.

In the final stretch of a sequence of arguments used to explain what happened, Casaretto criticized the libertarian deputy Javier Mileywhom he described as “the biggest gnocchi in the Chamber”.

Miley is 5 minutes in the Chamber and leaves a 22-hour session, but after parades through all the channels on the day of the session I wasn’t in the session and the problem is me? The problem is me because of my political positions, “she said.

Casaretto: “I have never been a Kirchnerist”

The national deputy for the Frente de Todos affirmed that he finds it funny when “they speak of deputy K or that he responds to Cristina Kirchner”, because he is not perceived as a Kirchnerist but a Peronist.

I am a Peronist from Entre Ríos, I am 55 years old and have been in politics for 35 years. Me I have never been a Kirchnerist. So I laugh when they talk about deputy K or who responds to Cristina Kirchner. The last time I spoke with Cristina was on August 20, 2022, more than 20 years ago, before they came to power. In the 12 years of the K government I did not have any position, “she emphasized.

In this context, the deputy dismissed the versions that the project he presented so that the judges pay the Income Tax was part of an attack by Kirchnerism on the Judiciary.

“The bill for judges to pay profits was presented a year and a half ago. It is not linked to any legal case and is not an attack against any power. What it is about is that we are all equal before the law and that they do not have the privilege of not paying profits when the rest of the mortals do, “he shot.

Finally, he anticipated that he will present an individual project again. “I would have liked it to come out, but in a month or so it will end up dating“, confided the national legislator.

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