Manaus City Hall delivers sporting materials to flag football teams

Manaus (AM) – The Manaus City Hall, through the Manaus Esporte Foundation (FME), delivered sports materials to six flag football teams in the capital of Amazonas, on the night of last Wednesday, 5th, at the Buracão field. The action is part of another stage of the “Sports in the Community” project. The objective of municipal management is to contribute to the development of the sport in the capital.

According to the advisory, delivery was made to teams of the sport, five men (Ajuricaba Warriors, Manaus Christian Cavaliers, Manaus FA, Amazon Black Hawks and Fae Flag Football) and four women, including Valkyrias Flag Football, the main exponent of the modality in the state.

The director-president of Fundação Manaus Esporte, Aurilex Moreira, who, during the event, spoke with the representatives of the teams, spoke about the initiative.

“Flag football is a sport that has grown a lot in Manaus, revealing athletes and having teams that stand out in national competitions. It is a determination of Mayor David Almeida that the “Sports in the Community” program serves as many sports as possible, and a survey has been carried out so that we can serve most of the sports practiced in Manaus. In addition, the Manaus City Hall, through the Manaus Esporte Foundation, will also implement other programs to continue supporting the practice of sport in our city”, he highlighted.

Flag football development

The president of Ajuricaba Warriors, Nazareno Mendonça, spoke about the development of the sport in Manaus and Amazonas and thanked the municipal management for the support, which has already had an effect.

“This was a very important year with a lot of growth for the state of Amazonas in flag football. We had our first regional training camp, which is a training that athletes do in order to be part of the main team, and we had two athletes from the North who were called up. And the Valkyries were Brazilian champions this year, so 2022 has been a very good year for our sport. With the support of the city hall, we are able to reach more athletes, both male and female, and we can only thank you for this help, and I am sure that the year 2023 will be even better”, he pointed out.

Current Brazilian champion with the Valkyries and summoned to the Brazilian National Team along with six other athletes from the North region, launcher Kricia Cavalcante highlighted the prominence that the city and state gained after the national title and commented on the role of the team already consecrated for the modality development.

“We are currently undefeated since the beginning of the official championships, we are the most solid team. This year we managed to reach the elite of the female flag in Brazil. In addition, we encourage and support the other teams, passing on a little bit of our experience and sharing our knowledge with the other teams, so that we can evolve together”, declared the player.

After the national season, the men’s and women’s teams prepare for the competition of the Amazonense Championship of the modality, which starts on November 27th.

O flag football

Flag football is a sport derived from American football, and the objective in both is the same: to advance the ball through the opponent’s territory and reach the end zone to score points, in this case, touchdowns.

At first glance, the biggest difference between the two sports is the absence of protective gear present in American football.

In flag football, it is not necessary to take down or hit the opponent to stop a move and prevent the opponent’s advance, just remove one of the ribbons that athletes wear attached to their waist. For this reason, to play it is not necessary to wear all that protective equipment that American football athletes use.

Currently, there are men’s and women’s championships throughout Brazil. State championships, open weekend tournaments and also a traditional national championship.

In Tempo, with information from the consultancy.

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