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Minutes 44+3: the first half ends at the Atanasio Girardot, and the green partially wins the classic with so many Sebastian Gomez and Nelson Palacio. For the red had scored Luciano Pons.

Minute 44+2 : yellow for Sebastián Gómez, for a foul on Felipe Pardo.

Minute 44: great goal by Nelson Palacio after a corner kick and the midfielder sends it to the bottom of the goal.

Minute 38: in a bad rejection of the DIM, the captain Sebastián Gómez finishes off so that the ball deviates in Víctor Moreno and goes to the bottom.

Minute 37: Nelson Palacio also tries from mid-range, but Mosquera saves.

Minute 36: Again from mid-range, Dorlán Pabón tries, but Mosquera responds well and controls the ball.

Minute 32: the only arrivals of Nacional to the goal of the DIM have been from medium distance, Jéfferson Duque has not been noticed in the field.

Minute 30: Yerson Candelo from medium distance he takes a powerful shot that saves the goalkeeper Andrés Mosquera, to the corner kick.

Minute 29: mid-distance shot Vladimir Hernandez that goes over the arch Kevin Mier.

Minute 27: Felipe Pardo missed a very clear option, after the authorization of Luciano Pons.

Minute 25: option for Vladimir Hernández who looked for him as a half chalaca and goes away from Kevin Mier’s goal.

Minute 24: Medellín stands up well in the field and does not allow Nacional to generate dangerous actions on Andrés Mosquera’s goal.

Minute 20: Nacional arrives, but does not do so clearly in the last quarter of the field.

Minute 15: Medellín plays well, concentrates and leaves no room for Nacional. The green has tried it twice, from medium distance with Dorlán Pabón, but without much danger.

Minute 11: Díber Changing could not finish with power, after the pass of Vladimir Hernandez.

Minute 9: Dorlan Pabón looks for it from mid-range, but the ball goes wide.

Minute 7: another arrival of DIM, this time with Díber Cambido who fought it with Sebastián Gómez.

Minute 5: Andres Ricaurte send a pass for Luciano Pons mark the first in the classic.

Minute 3: It is played with intensity at the Atanasio Girardot. Nacional tries to impose the conditions in the field.

Minute 1: Yellow card for Luciano Pons for a foul on Daniel Mantilla.

The central Jorge Tabares decrees the beginning of the commitment in the Atanasio Girardot. Advance of date 18 of the Betplay League.


The DIM goes with Andrés Mosquera; Juan Guillermo Moreno, Andrés Cadavid, Víctor Moreno, Germán Gutiérrez; Adrián Arregui, Andrés Ricaurte, Felipe Pardo, Vladimir Hernández, Díber Cambindo and Luciano Pons.



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