Liga Betplay: Atlético Junior would leave 7 players for next year, Uribe and more | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

It is true that there is still a game to go before we know if the year is over or not, that no one is speaking at this time beyond that and that the market will be open for the entire month of December, so what is said now could not occur by January.

And people are still beginning to talk, as a precaution, about what big teams and with the obligation to be more protagonists, such as Atlético Junior, should do in the face of 2023.

In the wave of rumors, there is speculation about the future of several players who are fulfilling their contracts, that they could be older to continue investing so much money in them or that they definitely failed to meet the expectations generated at the time of their hiring.

First on the list, obviously, would be striker Fernando Uribe, who was obviously not what was expected when he signed from Millonarios. Of course he is not responsible for the injuries that reduced his performance, but in Junior they have no more patience.

And in any case it would not be the only way out: it is said that Jefferson Martínez, Yesus Cabrera, Nilson Castrillón, Fabián Sambueza, Jhon Pajoy and Carmelo Valencia would also come out behind the striker.

so many? It is a necessity for Junior to protect himself financially and sportingly and DT Comesaña would be the first interested not only in rejuvenating the payroll but also in targeting, as is the tradition in Barranquilla, the best players for the season and the rematch in 2023. It is said that in There are two first names on the list: Roberto Hinojosa, the sensation of the surprising Unión Magdalena, and Cristian Barrios, another revelation in the relegated Patriotas and who, surely, will be a free agent in December. What would happen to De Osa in the latter case? That is the question.

The truth is that they will all pass the exam after Sunday and only those that the DT sees with the best performance projection will remain, at all levels. The season was far from being what was expected and the bills would begin to roll in Barranquilla.



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