Lega Basket Serie A – Trieste basketball, Legovich talks about himself: “It feels good to sit on a historic bench in Italian basketball. Edney and Kobe made me fall in love with this sport “

The youngest coach of Serie A, Marco Legovich, was interviewed by Cosimo Cito on “La Repubblica:” It is a great feeling to sit on a historic bench of Italian basketball, in a square where basketball lives, and in my city “.

Coaching at the age of thirty means having to technically guide two players older than him: “It starts with professionalism, with the ability to involve the players in a vision and help them in development. In training I use videos a lot for one-to-one comparison and understand live the aspects on which to improve. Basketball is made up of a thousand details and a coach must be good at interpreting his methods on the qualities of each one “.

Then Legovich talked about how he understood that his path would be that of the bench: “Destiny has decided it, twice. The first, at 18, after the third knee injury. At 21 I started as Dalmasson’s assistant, last year I was Franco Ciani’s deputy ”. And basketball, on the other hand, as it came into his life: “Thanks to my father, former volleyball player but passionate about sports in general and two players, Tyus Edney, who dominated in Italy with the Treviso shirt, and of course Kobe Bryant”.



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