Last quarter without euphemisms in Madrid: the ARA Instant Replay

BarcelonaA courageous Joventut de Badalona could not maintain a difference of nine points against Real Madrid. A very bad last quarter (27-14) turned into a slab for the green-and-black team. Carles Duran did not look for euphemisms. “We did a crappy last quarter”, he summed up.

The fact of Basketball Girona that excites

Básquet Girona has lost the four games it has played in the Endesa League and occupies the last position. Aíto García Reneses calls for more concentration. But it’s not all shadows in Fontajau, where the team from Girona has an average of almost 4,900 per game.

Oscar da Silva in defense

A biologist with a privileged brain

Oscar da Silva has studies in biology and research on stem cells. In addition, he speaks six languages. Although he has been playing elite basketball for just over a year, he scored 14 points and 5 rebounds with Barça in Manresa on Saturday. His progression has only just begun.

Pedro Martínez, coach of Baxi Manresa

Manresa is looking for a replacement for Hamilton

A few weeks after landing as a big bet for Baxi Manresa, Justin Hamilton left the Bagan club citing personal reasons. The hole it leaves in the inner game is key and it is urgent to find a replacement. “We are away from what does not depend on us”, says Pedro Martínez.



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