La Liga: With Real Barcelona bet – rapper Drake gambled away incredible sum! | Sports

This effort backfired!

On Sunday, Real Madrid smashed Robert Lewandowski (34) and FC Barcelona in El Clásico, winning 3-1. The Barça players trotted off the pitch after the defeat – because the giant game is more than just a normal game in the Spanish league.

In addition to Lewandowski & Co., another one was devastated: rapper Drake (35)!

What happened?

The superstar was confident ahead of the game Barcelona would beat Real and dug deep into his pocket for his bet slip, according to Britain’s Daily Star. He bet £533,000 (€612,950) on the Catalans winning while Arsenal win at Leeds United.

This betting slip was a total flop. While the Gunners didn’t disappoint the superstar, winning 1-0, Barcelona squandered the win. Lewandowski’s El Clásico bust saw Drake lose around £745,000 (€856,750).

Drake also graced the Catalans’ jersey in the Clásico.

Background: The bird is the logo of singer and rapper Drake (35)! The silhouette replaced the logo of the new main sponsor this season – the music streaming service “Spotify”. And the Canadian became the first star to hit 50 billion streams on the platform recently. The owl brought no luck for either Drake or Barça.

Regardless, Drake should be able to get over losing the bet in the Clásico…

Because: It is not the first time that Drake has played poker on the outcome of sporting events. In July, Drake was reported to have won the £3.1million (€3.6m) bet on a doubles bet for Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann’s UFC fight.

It just doesn’t always work out…



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