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Kevin Großkreutz (34) unpacks in the podcast “Großkreutz & Küpper” in conversation with football commentator Cornelius Küpper (31).

Among other things, the world champion reveals what really happened that night in Stuttgart, who wanted to get rid of him at VfB and how he now feels about it.

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Kevin Großkreutz was the victim of a brawl on Wilhemsplatz in Stuttgart in the middle of the night in 2017. Before that he was with several Stuttgart youth players at a high school party. The incident was subsequently covered in the media for weeks and months. At the time, the BVB legend was playing for VfB Stuttgart in the second division.

Kevin Grosskreutz shortly after the fight

Kevin Grosskreutz shortly after the fight

Photo: BILD reader-reporter

Großkreutz explains about the party night: “Of course you have to own up to mistakes. You have to say about the brawl: I didn’t make a mistake. I didn’t hit anyone. I got hit with three or four men. And then I was on the ground and someone kicked me in the face… I didn’t hurt anyone.”

The right-back justifies himself: “It was always pushed so high because of the youth players. They were 17, 18 or something like that. They were out too. we met They went to a party. They would have gone to the party without me and will definitely go to the party again the week after.”

About the accident he says: “We met. I protected one. And then I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Today, the native of Dortmund plays for TuS Bövinghausen in the Oberliga Westfalen. Although he doesn’t see the mistake in himself for the situation at the time, he apologizes. “It was a stupid action, it sucked. You have to stand by that. I just wanted to go outside. I was also injured, so maybe that didn’t go down too well. Ultimately, that’s what happened. If it hadn’t happened, I might still be playing for VfB.”

Kevin Großkreutz made 28 appearances for VfB Stuttgart from January 2016 to March 2017 (one goal)

Kevin Großkreutz made 28 appearances for VfB Stuttgart from January 2016 to March 2017 (one goal)

Photo: picture alliance / press photo Rudel

Grosskreutz’s situation at the time was even more critical than previously known. He says of his hospital stay: “They saw something that they probably have to cut open their heads. Of course I panicked. I was totally gone, they drew blood from my head. They did an MRI, then they saw a black spot, they wanted to operate on me. That would have been the worst thing that could have happened.”

And further: “Then you come down there and then the press is already there, me with the child in my arms. That was really difficult for my family.”

VfB Stuttgart wanted to go their separate ways after the incident. However, according to Grosskreutz, one person was primarily responsible for this. “Schindelmeiser was anyway… Yes… I think he was waiting for it. I think if someone else had been there I wouldn’t have been fired. That was such a thing. He was great as a human being, I don’t want to shoot him, but he was a bit peculiar. And not for me.”

Großkreutz describes the situation at that time in the podcast as follows: “I was in the hospital and then the topic came up. Everyone wished me a speedy recovery. And then my advisor was called by Mr. Schindelmeiser and he said: ‘We have to talk’. But I was still in the hospital. Then I fired myself and immediately went to the office with my advisor and we wanted to sort it out.”

And further: “He (note: Schindelmeiser) was of the opinion that we should go our separate ways. I didn’t agree, of course, but we came to an agreement. If you had really stuck with it… that was never a reason for termination. I haven’t done anything. I didn’t hurt anyone or anything.”

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Jan Schindelmeiser (58) was sporting director at VfB Stuttgart from 2016 to 2017. Not everyone saw the Grosskreutz situation as he did. Großkreutz explains: “Hannes Wolf was a coach. I even know him really well. I apologized to him, everything was actually cool with him. It wasn’t all good, but it was settled. That’s why I say yes, it only came from one person. He (note: Schindelmeiser) may have just been waiting for it and seized the moment.”

The two most important ex-clubs of Großkreutz, Borussia Dortmund and VfB Stuttgart, meet on Saturday. The six-time international has great sympathy for both clubs: “I hope Dortmund wins. After that, Stuttgart can win everything again. VfB – I only wish them the best, that’s why the game is difficult for me on Saturday. But Dortmund has to win.”



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