Junior – Cali live online: Liga BetPlay, live


The team led by Julio Comesaña has gradually gotten used to the new idea of ​​the coach who arrived after the departure of Juan Cruz Real in the middle of the tournament. During the week they beat Millonarios by the minimum in the final of the BetPlay Cup and at least they must draw on the field of the El Campín stadium to be able to celebrate their third title in this tournament.

In the League they appear today in position 12 with 18 units, product of five wins, three draws and six losses. Today against the Azucareros they must triumph to get into the fight for a place in the group of the eight best that will dispute the title at the end of the year.

“We must make strategies that allow us to limit our opponents and allow us to score goals and win games. We have no chance that we are going to play well. If we win it’s because we did something right, if we hadn’t lost 4-0. We don’t play against just anyone,” Comesaña said after his last official match.



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