Judo. Nicolas Chilard winner of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam!

Absent from the world championships in Uzbekistan, at the beginning of October, Nicolas Chilard took his “revenge”, this Saturday, October 22, on the occasion of the Grand Slam of Abi Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates.

First time gold in Grand Slam!

The Finistère judoka (-81 kg) first beat the American Nicolas Yonezuka on ippon, when he entered the running, before re-editing against the German Tim Gramkow, 32nd in the world. He continued in the quarter-finals by taking out the 9th in the world, the Dutchman Frank De Wit (who had beaten him in the final of the Riccione Open in Italy, recently), thanks to two waza-ari, then in the semi-finals by having the Azeri Zelim Tckaev (waza-ari). For his first Grand Slam final (he took 3e place of that of Hungary in 2020), Nicolas Chilard dominated the Spaniard José Maria Mendiola Izquieta (115th in the world), by ippon.

Thanks to this performance, Nicolas Chilard, in competition with Alpha Djalo in the under 81 kg category, is perfectly back in the race for participation in the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.



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