Judo Countdown to the return of the Raúl Calvo Memorial to Cádiz

The Councilor for Sports of the Cádiz City Council, Jose Ramon Paezaccompanied by Carmen Bald On behalf of the Spanish Federation of Judo and Associated Sports and by the president of the Andalusian Federation, Raúl Calvo, he presented the 49th edition of the Raúl Calvo International Memorial Tournament, which will be held in the city on October 22 and 23.

The tournament, which returns to the city after two decades of absence, is complemented this year with the program of activities Judo for everyone, which aims to promote the practice of this sports discipline especially among the smallest. Páez stressed that the Memorial is finally “coming home” and highlighted the importance of judo as a tool to prevent falls, avoid bullying and promote gender equality in sport.

The mayor of Sports invited “all citizens to go within two weekends to the City of Cadiz Sports Complex to enjoy the tournament, the sport, but above all to welcome back a Memorial that is ours. We are very proud that this tournament is coming home and we are going to do everything possible so that it does not leave Cádiz”.

Carmen Calvo, on behalf of the Spanish Federation of Judo and Associated Sports, assured for her part that “as Raúl Calvo’s family and also as a judoka it is an honor and a privilege that event be here again”. Grateful to the City Council that “it is betting on a sport that has been shown to be very good for children’s ages. That they bet not only on sports but on education is wonderful and we are working on this line”.

Carlos Calvo, president of the Andalusian Federationrecalled that the young judoka who disappeared in 1971 at the age of 20 “left a great mark on the city”, both on a sporting and personal level. “It was a pity that this trophy was not made in Cádiz and it would be ideal if From now on, it will be the venue for this event, because we believe that your city is the ideal place for it to be held,” he said.

The activity will start on saturday october 22 with a Masterclass by renowned athletes Vitaly Makarov and Javier Delgado and with a course on the protection of minors in sports that seeks to promote guidelines for non-violence. The Raúl Calvo Memorial will start at 4:00 p.m. at the Ciudad de Cádiz Sports Complex, with a mixed team format that makes this commitment to equality visible. The national teams of Switzerland, France, Portugal, Morocco and Spain participate in the competition, in addition to the regional teams of Valencia, Extremadura, Murcia, Madrid, Galicia, Andalusia and the Armed Forces and AJM.

The end of party It will come from the hand of the Cadiz judo clubs, which will offer an exhibition. The Judo Club Tora, Judo Club Cádiz, Judo Club Shogun and Judo Club Ippon Raúl Calvo, plus the Judo Club Tadeo of El Puerto, participate in this sporting spectacle. Subsequently, a children’s judo party will be held to which all the schools in the city have been invited, to conclude with the awarding of medals and trophies.

Within these activities that will be held on the weekend in parallel and the exhibitions by the Cadiz clubs, one of them, in the gap prior to the awards ceremony, led to the this week the Tora, Tadeo and Raúl Calvo clubs will meet for its members to rehearse what they will do in the exhibition. National and international medalists coincided in the meeting in a magnificent sports atmosphere.

Sunday, October 23, has been reserved for the celebration of a National Congress of Judo and Associated Sports. In addition, a national federation training open to all categories will be held. All these activities are complemented by the ‘Judo for everyone’ programme, which will promote the practice of judo in schools with different initiatives that will be carried out throughout the course.

Judo is a sport of Japanese fighter in which men and women compete under equal conditions, rules, time and requirements. With more than 50 million practitioners around the world, it is one of the most popular sports activities and also counts as a discipline capable of generating good habits of behavior and respect within the school environment.


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