Juan Fernando Quintero: the sanction he is subject to for assaulting a referee | Colombians Abroad

Was anything else expected after an attack on a central referee in the River Plate vs. Rosario Central match? It is without a doubt what is surely being analyzed in Argentina. However, the decision of the Disciplinary Commission in that country was made known days after the events.

It was Marcelo Gallardo’s farewell to River Plate at the Monumental de Núñez and the people of River Plate wanted a perfect match with a packed sports venue. Eight and a half years are about to culminate on the bench of the millionaire team due to the decision without any turning back of the ‘Muñeco’ to leave the institution. Completed cycle, that’s how the technical director analyzed it when he announced the news.

However, nothing went as expected. The faces of the fans who approached the Monumental de Núñez with teary eyes for a history full of successes (14, to be exact) and marking an unparalleled era for River Plate as one of the best teams on the continent did not end as they wished . A defeat against Rosario Central by Carlos Tévez by a score of 1-2, added to the anger that Juan Fernando Quintero had at the end of the match, watered down the completed cycle of Marcelo Gallardo.

We have to stop at the issue of Juan Fernando Quintero, since they ran the 90 + 14 ‘of a game in which the central referee added 12 added minutes. They took longer due to an explosion of anger from the man from Antioquia when Fernando Echenique made a movement with his hand and the Colombian complained that he slapped him. A touch on his face made the volcano explode.

Juan Fernando Quintero went crazy when the hand brushed his face. He suffered and decided to push the central judge, Fernando Echenique. Much was said about what the sanction could be after the direct expulsion, and really, the Disciplinary and Sanctions Commission was light with JuanFer. Only three dates for, as Argentine journalists say, an attack that was not in anyone’s plans and less so in Marcelo Gallardo’s farewell.

Juan Fernando Quintero did not want to leave and continued to rage on the pitch after seeing the red card. Thus, Juan Fernando will not be able to be in the climactic game of the tournament against Racing Club de Avellaneda in the Cilindro, and if he continues in River Plate next season, he will not play the first two games of the Argentine League either. Was the penalty fair?



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