Jorge Luis Pinto after the draw against Águilas Doradas

Deportivo Cali missed the victory against Águilas Doradas at the last minute for date 17 of the League. The ‘Azucareros’ could not add three.

“Sometimes teams with 10 players are more dangerous than with 11, they gave themselves to the maximum, took risks and took advantage, we were careless in some situations, handling and controlling the ball. We childishly lost the ball, we They centered and tied the game for us,” commented Jorge Luis Pinto, manager of Deportivo Cali.

The match against the Eagles was the second game of coach Pinto at the helm of Deportivo Cali.

“It was a well-played match, I recognize that Águilas Doradas gave themselves, they fought and we also had good things, some players were confident, they felt that the match was ready and the result was assured at the last minute,” said Pinto.

The coach from Santander spoke about the goal he conceded at the last minute: “It was an oversight in handling the ball, defensive actions that have to be done at the right time.”

On the other hand, Pinto recognized the positive and what he has to improve in his new era as Cali coach

“I liked many things, the presence of the player, the positioning, the criteria for many moments, it is important to accentuate them in the team. To improve we must have pause in the critical moments of the match, that is done by mature players, who have experience , give the orders on the field and be able to control the opponent”.

Lastly, the Mundialisat coach referred to Agustín Vuletich, who made his debut with the goal for Deportivo Cali.

“All the players have my confidence, we haven’t told any of them that they’re useless, that they’re not with us, we’re watching them. We have to motivate everyone”.



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