John Degenkolb and Jonasutsch with the results of the season

What do professional cyclists do when their season is over? When work is over after nine months of hunting all over Europe and beyond? When there are no more rock-hard races ahead over whispering asphalt, cobbled bumpy roads, high mountains, gentle hills or narrow cities? “We moved around the houses a bit,” says John Degenkolb with a smile. On foot, from bar to bar, in Paris.

Jonasrutsch was also part of the group willing to party, who loaded their bikes in France on Sunday afternoon and won’t be climbing again for a while. The one-day race Paris-Tours was the end of the season for both Degenkolb andrutsch. The man from Oberursel and the man from Odenwald train together more often – so their jobs allow them to be in Rhein-Main at the same time. And have now started the cycling holidays in parallel after a 2022 season, which satisfied some (Degenkolb) more than others (Rutsch). “When the last virtual team meetings are over this week, in which we work through and look ahead, I’ll pull the plug for at least two weeks and take a real vacation with the family,” says Degenkolb.

Two weeks vacation: “I can’t do any longer”

Rotuch, on the other hand, has already given his fiancé to understand that he can no longer see airports and planes for the time being. The 24-year-old now wants to keep his feet off the pedals for two weeks. “I can’t do any longer,” saysutsch. “I would love to pick up the phone right now and say to the team: Guys, what can I do better or differently? Let’s work out a plan.” But his employer, the American team EF Education-EasyPost, put the brakes on the energetic Hessian. Relaxation is announced.

Slip is struggling with the 2022 season. After the bang on his own account at the “Queen of Classics” Paris-Roubaix the year before, when only a puncture kept him from the storm in fifth place, and a strong debut in the Tour de France “2022 wasn’t what I trained for and ripped open my ass.” The at least one top result that he is capable of in terms of performance and that would put him in the front row of his guild did not materialize.



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