Janis Blaswich is in goal for RB Leipzig in the Champions League

An sunny days, Janis Blaswich likes to ride his bike. Then he drives through Leipzig with his family, in the meantime he knows his way around quite well. Not like in the beginning, when he regularly had to turn on the navigation device to get to training.

A lot has happened since the summer, especially in terms of sport. Blaswich not only has a better knowledge of the city, he now also represents Leipzig as the first goalkeeper for the leading football company RB. He rose to number one within a few seconds, as is sometimes the case in this sport. In the game against Celtic Glasgow (3-1), Peter Gulacsi got stuck in the grass when he tried to get a pass to his team-mate. The knee was twisted, the pictures look creepy. Bad things were to be expected, bad things were confirmed. Cruciate ligament tear and several months break for Gulacsi.

Suddenly Janis Blaswich is in goal and also the focus. He hadn’t expected that when he moved from Heracles Almelo to Leipzig in June. The decision was a conscious one, but not everyone could understand it.

Matured in the Netherlands

At the age of 31, he traded his regular place and captaincy at Heracles for a supporting role in Leipzig. In the Netherlands he had matured into a leading figure during his four years there. But even Blaswich’s saves couldn’t save Almelo from relegation and then there was this desire to try it again in the Bundesliga.

As a young man, Blaswich, who grew up near Mönchengladbach, was trained at Borussia. However, he was never allowed to play for the professional team. He was awarded. First to Dresden, then to Rostock. He gained match practice at both stations and had good experiences in the East before moving to the Netherlands.


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