James Rodríguez: physical trainer of the Colombian National Team helped him overcome his injuries | Colombia selection

The injuries that James Rodríguez has suffered in recent years have been controversial for many environments in the football world. It has been talked about, speculated and mentioned, on countless occasions, a possible reason for the physical state of the steering wheel.

Despite this, James has searched, tried and tried to find a way to recover from the physical, training to the fullest in each of the clubs where he has passed. This has been the focus of criticism, speaking with and without knowledge, of the steering wheel situation.

One of the physical trainers of the National Team, in the past time, was Eduardo Velasco, who in an interview with Antena 2, revealed the work carried out, so that the midfielder reached the top, avoiding the loss of minutes at the club level and the tricolor “With James we did an extraordinary job. First because he opened the door for us to enter. We developed a complete factor, from an exhaustive evaluation that we made in all the components of the muscular factor that had been happening”.

He complemented with “We took a route map, we practically found that injuring factor in relation to what it dragged. We are dedicated to helping him, supporting him with all the tools we had to do that analysis.”

He concluded highlighting the work carried out, with an optimal result “We tried to guide him within what it was like not to be in the Colombian National Team for days, we were able to improve and I believe that within all the efforts that were made, he had a performance from acceptable to good ” .



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