“It’s a story that will deflate on its own”, Rivère defuses the Galtier-Fournier affair

“There is nothing to argue about. Asked at the microphone of Canal + Foot in the preamble to the meeting between PSG and Nice this Saturday evening, counting for the 9th day of Ligue 1, Jean-Pierre Rivère, president of OGC Nice, returned to the recent tensions between Julien Fournier and Christophe Galtier, his former football director and coach. The president of the Riviera club was soothing while speaking of “misunderstanding”.

“There were tensions between the two men, I was at their side. You know when a season is complicated, we were less efficient, it created tensions in a club. For the subject in question, there is for me no matter for controversy. I had Julien on the phone, I hadn’t had him for a long time. I said to him: “I don’t really understand what you could have said, there is no reason for me to make a press statement about it. He told me he might have been a little clumsy. For me, there is no subject, it’s a story that will deflate on its own. »

Julien Fournier, now sports director in Parma, had been accusatory on RMC towards Christophe Galtier whom he rubbed shoulders with last season on the Côte d’Azur, implying that he had been guilty “of serious things” , while specifying: “Very honestly, if I explain the real reasons for which we argued, because that’s really the word, Christophe will no longer enter a locker room, neither in France nor in Europe”.

“I am not surprised at the way he expressed himself, replied Christophe Galtier. When you are a PSG coach, there is great exposure. I don’t want to tire myself out debating everything that’s being said. The function creates debates, one after the other. On the form, I am not surprised by the character. »

One of the reasons for the manager’s attack on the former Aiglons coach concerns the management of Ramadan and the way Galtier took care of it. “There are boys who respect their religion and it happens as it usually happens, exposed Rivère. It’s a difference of point of view on the management of this problem, that’s all. There is no need to make an event out of it. The game will therefore, in all likelihood, be able to regain the upper hand.



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