“It will go through work, humility, questioning” says Saint-André after the defeat of the MHR at Racing

Philippe Saint-André, manager of Montpellier, beaten by Racing 92: “ We do a fairly controlled first half hour, we really dominate then we take a penalty on a scrum, on a carried ball, a yellow card and it costs us 14 points.

Afterwards, the Racingmen made a good start to the second period, we had the ability to come back, but this feeling of making so many efforts to lose the defensive bonus in the 79th minute… Pff, but congratulations to Racing. We have too many inaccuracies in our game to be able to win. Next week will go through work, humility, questioning, before receiving the Stade Français. We will see with the coaches, the leaders. We will do everything to put the same intensity as the first half hour by being much more precise in our game: I don’t need to draw a picture to find out what went wrong today».

Paolo Garbisi, center of Montpellier, beaten by Racing 92: “We can’t afford to have this kind of slump on the outside, which costs us too much in the end.

(About MHR’s four straight losses) Yeah, frankly, we have to be worried. What we have done so far is not enough, we really have to question ourselves, do some soul-searching. We did not do our job as we should (…) We have no excuse. It’s up to us and us alone to find the keys, but nothing is lost».



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