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Santa Fe turned an unprecedented match for Millonarios. Much was said about the emotional part, as an injection of encouragement that reached the Arias team. From 2 to 0 and went from 3 to 2, within what was seen and hot, much was said about the claw, without ignoring the strategic part.

Alfredo Arias stated it at a press conference, the joy and euphoria experienced on the field was reflected in his statements. Now, with a calm head, the cardinal strategist spoke of everything that was experienced in the triumph of the classic.

Beyond the emotional, the same coach was questioned about the work done in each training session. It was not only the pressure or error of the rival, but the understanding of their players and the memorization of the work. This said the cardinal trainer, in the program of ESPN F360.

Tactical and mental work:
it depends on the players, the changes are good or bad if they do it well. We technicians are here to manage the group. I love day to day, one tries to improve what they already have. If one reaches the first division, he was better in his generation. We must remind him of that and add to it for the whole to work. They are the players, it comes out and others don’t come out.

The emotion and character in football will not be without importance, beyond tactics. Because the evolution in football is. It’s a game of character, I usually tell them that you lose more than you win, unless you play forever at Real Madrid. Because football and the locker room is a school for building character.

We are always people, but the player ends the player life quickly. That is where his real life begins, for which he is not always prepared. He will lay hands on that character, divorces, family disappearances, jobs, businesses or scams. There are many things for which you will need to show character so as not to give up.

Santa Fe appeals to that. The job is to create habits, so they don’t think about it. Yesterday Morelos, who at the first touch and the exit of him and the other arrived, with Rivas who went through the lane to attack the band. They didn’t think about that play, an immediate response came. Once you learn, you repeat.
During the program, Arias was shown part of the work he does in training, which reflects the work on the court and what happened in the classic.

Work of previous actions that ended in a goal, movements on the pitch:
the player’s conviction comes when he understands that the coach is not betraying him, it sounds harsh. We have been making mistakes on the way out, but I don’t tell them the first time they go out or not. The other day I congratulated them against Envigado, the fans harassed me to hit them. Sánchez is one of those who shows himself, even if he loses it. You have to keep trying, as in life. You cannot change your thinking or feeling continuously.

Yesterday I told them to go long, at 2 to 2. I can’t keep taking risks, the balls up Rivas beat the scoreboard and then we scored the third goal, teaming up. Barboza played injured, leaked the ball to Sanchez, saw Wilson’s break and pulled out a great pass.

When I make the first changes, I take out Sánchez so that he can press, without imagining that he was going to put in that pass and that he would press for the first goal. What he wanted to do was get him out of a play on the way out, where he did poorly. I’m lucky he pushes at one and assists at another. The ones who make the work look good are the players.

Revenge from the personal, celebration in the classic and joy with Santa Fe:
I didn’t think about Cali, or if that happened with that title. I saw myself in the images and before I had a message from my wife, she told me: what are you doing. The championship has not finished and you were with the fans. I have been champion two or three times and I have not made that celebration. Santa Fe has not given me a minute of peace, I sit down and I have to stand up.

My boys fill me with joy, but with previous suffering. I went to greet the players, two or three were with the stands. Unintentionally they were jumping and we arrived. She looked like the queen of the carnival waving, it doesn’t happen again.

Situation with Santa Fe and reaction to the headline of ‘Millionaires outgrown the League’: I appreciate that Santa Fe has given me the opportunity. It’s not a job, it’s passion. He wanted to go back to Colombia for a rematch, he couldn’t deny it. You will see that I am not complaining about anything, I knew what I was coming for. I am in an institution where the results were not the best and that led to other things.

I always ask what the goal is and what we have. We are working with the goal of qualifying, we did not achieve it, but we are on our way. I’m glad to be at the head of this squad, we haven’t played the way I’d like and so have they. We have been left with 10 in several games, but the desire that the team has, due to other situations, our leg is gone.

I was expelled, the rules are like that, cold. I once read that the laws had letter and spirit, but that does not apply to soccer. The regulation and what is seen is cold, it marks the regulation and already, beyond the intention, if I wanted to harm or not. I’m happy here, we have to play better. We face the one who plays the best.

I was with my players and I saw a title: the league is too small for Millonarios. At the time, I agreed, but said, what a great opportunity, I wrote it down. I am not critical of journalists, in some things I agree and it does not go beyond that. I took advantage when they asked me about the fans, I remembered that and said that the same journalists said that.

He knew that the fans would listen to him, that they listen to him and that he would make them a little angry. He had told the players. Millionaires has a great coach, because he has a process that, without being a champion, is there. The words are there but then they go away with the elbow.

Planning for actions and changes during the classic: It is not thought, what if I do the same. Five minutes before the end of the first half, I set up the board and talk to my assistants. There were two changes already made, at the end of the first half. I saw that with or without problems, Millonarios’ goal came from a corner, they made the same move. They grabbed a rebound from us and it goes from the second play, for the other goal.

Then there were no chances. We arrived without clarity, they made the transition faster. I said, we need more speed and attacking the two defenders, Millonarios does not change the way we play. The full-backs were going to come out, it came out by chance, if we didn’t remove it there, it could have ended 2-0 or more.


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