In Loiret, brother and sister share the same passion for archery

Like Serena and Venus Williams on a tennis court or Nikola and Luka Karabatic on a handball court, Christelle and Thomas Archambault share the same passion. That of archery. Originally from Giennois, they are members of the Varennes-Changy clubwhich has around 40 members.

The eldest, aged 28, has been keen on archery for ten years. “A friend had invited me to discover. I really liked it and wanted to improve myself.” A taste for precision – essential to discipline – which he transmitted to his sister.

The duo brought home a gold and a bronze

Christelle, three years her junior, followed in her brother’s footsteps three years ago. “Before it was leisure, but I took matters into my own hands,” she smiles. When her schedule allows her, she goes to the club two to three times a week. “I’m a bit bitten.”

Beyond training, Christelle and Thomas compete together. After a long season of competitions, the siblings have won their qualification for the French 3D shooting championship

, which took place last month. And the Loiretans shone. At the end of two intense days in Blanquefort, about ten kilometers from Bordeaux (Gironde), Thomas won the bronze medal (with a bare bow) and Christelle left with the title of French champion in her category (bow bare pulleys).A gold medal for his first French championship

“what more ?”.

“I went to get her this medal”

“I put a lot of pressure on myself the first day”, admits Christelle who was making her first dive into the competition bath. “We followed each other very closely with the second. On Sunday, I attacked more calmly.” She ends the day with 354 points. “I broke my record which was 338 points,” she rejoices.

Ready for an introduction to Nordic walking? It’s this Saturday, October 1, in Saint-Jean-de-Braye

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A challenge, too, for Thomas, out of competition for two years following an injury:

“I went to get this medal. On Saturday, I was tied for second. The next day, it was more complicated to manage fatigue, but the mind took over.” Only eleven points separate him from the first two, who finished tied.

“It was played with an arrow.”

Soon the European championships? “I’m proud of it.It’s their performance. Here we don’t have a coach“, confides Christophe Bouziat, president of the club.

Christophe Bouziat, president of the Varennes-Changy club, Lucas Gouillot-Letreneuf, young licensee aged 12 (see below), Christelle and Tom Archambault.

The archers do not hide it, they do not intend to stop on such a good momentum. “The competitions have a taste of coming back to it”, assures Christelle. His brother is now aiming for the European championships. “But it’s still a distant goal,” Thomas tempers. He will be, whatever the case, supported or accompanied by his sister. A good way to strengthen this precious brotherly bond. premium

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In 3D shooting, archers must aim at foam animal targets, usually life-size.A young archer from the Varennes-Changy club also brought home a medal.

Lucas Gouillot-Letreneuf, 12 ans



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