In a match with a hot ending, Regatas fell in the Garro against Bancario

In a match with a hot ending, Regatas fell in the Garro against Bancario

Banking defined the game in the last quarter and won a tight victory at the Juan José Garro by 74-78. The scorer of the match was Pane Mauricio with 30 points, followed by Guido Dellavedova with 27.

The start of the game was very favorable for the visit that started with everything wanting to impose their ball movement game and make a difference in the painted area with Gerez. It was difficult for Regatas to enter the game, but after a timeout requested by Burgos in the middle of the quarter, Cele managed to convert with three consecutive counterattacks by Agustín Suárez and thus level the score.

Banking was going to escape in the result with two triples in a row from Silva, but the locals were going to respond in the same way with Aguirre and Dellavedova on two occasions. The fourth was going to end 26-24 for those from Concepción del Uruguay.

The second quarter started with Regatas willing to impose their strong local position and with triples from Aguirre – Dellavedova, which forced Nuñez to ask for time to wake up his team, who were losing by 10, the maximum difference up to that moment. The visit woke up and achieved a partial of 0-8.

Regatas went into the long break with a two-point lead. 39-37.

The start of the second half was very even. Both teams imposed their way of playing. The match became very intense and hot, neither team wanted to leave Garro defeated. Di Meo managed to become very strong in his comfort zone, the painted zone. The fourth ended 57 equals.

The last 10 minutes of definition were very favorable for Verde de Gualeguay, who at the beginning knew how to score a 0-7 run and thus tilted the scoreboard in their favor. With six to play, the visit won 59-66. The time out this time, was necessarily requested by Alejandro Burgos who could not allow his team to fall home. For the greats of Regatas it was quite difficult to defend Gerez in the light blue zone and he would make the difference in those last minutes of the game.

Source and photos: Press Regatas Uruguay

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