Ille-sur-Têt: Luc Sonor visits the Roussillon-Conflent Football Club

The Football Club Roussillon-Conflent (FCRC) recently hosted former AS Monaco international defender Luc Sonor.

An encounter of disconcerting simplicity, the Guadeloupean is so humble. Luc Sonor did not hesitate to reveal anecdotes, distill advice to young people. A gift for the children of Samuel Vaisson, caregiver at the Ehpad.

“You’ve been through it all”

“Luc came out of friendship and took the opportunity to meet volunteers, just to share his passion for football. I had a charity association in the central region. The internationals came to support us. Aimé Jacquet supported me. I was part of the coordinating team for the 20th anniversary celebration of the 1998 World Cup in 2018 and that’s where I met Luc”, explains Samuel Vaisson.

Luc Sonor, who was a consultant on Canal +is now a consultant for Europe 1. “I have two academies in Guadeloupe and Martinique. I am regularly in the West Indies and at the same time I take care of the International Football Club and organize matches for associations in order to raise funds”, advances the ex-Monegasque, who found in Ille-sur-Têt, Patrice Vila, mayor of Néfiach and founding president of the FCRC: “He trained me in 1991 at Cros-de-Cagnes, I was a chick. Thirty years later we meet again. He offered us the bus to play at the opening of Monaco-Nice. It’s a beautiful memory”, emphasizes Patrice Vila.

Modest as a violet when presented as a legend, Luc Sonor cuts it short: “I’m uncomfortable with that. I remember my youth in Guadeloupe, I would have liked to have the life that children have today. I left the West Indies very early. Afterwards, I say: you lived all that […] The beginning of a career, we never forget it. That’s why I have two academies. I don’t want the children to go through what I went through. There, I pick them up. I take care of it myself.”

A territory club

A visit that reinforces the work of the FCRC. This club, created in 2017, now has 150 members recruited on the territory of the Roussillon-Conflent community of municipalities: “80% come from Ille, explain the president Nicolas Hernandez and Patrice Vila. We are the only club in activity in the community of communes. We want to pool the strengths of the young people present in the territory in a single municipality. Our goal is for children to have fun. Through the apprenticeship of young people, we want the children of the club to create the U16 and U17 categories. We want to build a coherent club with a territorial identity while keeping a family spirit”.



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