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A powerful new force for the Hiroshima Dragonflies. Dwayne Evans has joined the Ryukyu Golden Kings, a powerhouse who has won five straight West Division titles! He is one of the best all-around players in the league, having won the Regular Season Best Five last season!

Dwayne Evans player

Evans –

Q. What is your impression of the city of Hiroshima?

I think it’s a very nice city, and the people involved are very nice to me.

I am really glad that I came here.

Hiroshima is a really nice town!*The parts in orange letters were answered in Japanese.

What is Evans’ weapon that is essential for the further evolution of Dragonflies?

Evans –

I’m the type of player who can do anything, so it’s hard to pick one as my weapon, but I like smart basketball. I want you to read the situation carefully, make the right decisions and play.

I like smart basketball

Evans’ “winning habit” that creates accurate play in various situations. “teeth! ?

Evans –

Every time I arrive at the venue, I think that what I do is prepare while listening to music, and of course eat a good breakfast and meditate.

Q. What does meditation feel like?

Evans –

It’s a simple 5-10 minute practice where you breathe, close your eyes, and focus on where you are right now. After all, when it comes to a match, I get emotional and rushed, so I make time to think about myself.

Evans is expected to play to win.

He seems to be enjoying the city of Hiroshima too…

Evans –

2I ate okonomiyaki at the restaurant. It’s so good!

Q. Is okonomiyaki really good?

Evans –

Yes! Good of course!smile

Teammate Funao, who has been playing with us since the Ryukyu days, gave us this tip about Evans…

boat player-

He’s a really friendly player, so if you see him on the street, I want you to get involved with him, and I also like Japanese women!smile

Why don’t you ask him?

Evans –


of course!japanese girl so cute lol

It’s a bit… a difficult question… lol

I think Japan is a really good place because not only women but also everyone is really warm, friendly and kind.

Participation in the long-awaited championship as a team, and the B1 victory ahead!

The season of competition has begun!

Evans –

Q. What are your thoughts on this season?

We have some really good players,

From here on out, I want to build on it day by day.

Because it is a special team that can accomplish something,

Aiming for the playoffs, we will work hard every day!

Finally, a message from Evans!

Evans –

Please come! Cheer for us! Waiting! See you!

◆ Dwayne Evans Born January 24, 1992 in the United States
In addition to hard work in defense and rebounding, he is also a top-class all-around player in the B League with high 3P shooting and game making ability.
Until last season, he belonged to the powerhouse Ryukyu Golden Kings, playing an active role in both offense and defense.
He was also named one of the regular season best five.
Already proficient in Japanese, aiming for further improvement, he signed a contract with a Japanese instructor from this season.
Aiming for language proficiency on a par with native speakers.

Hiroshima Home TV “Hiroshima deep digging live front door(Saturday 13:00) October 1 broadcast

Writer: Akihiro Kurada



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