Hüseyin Müsri became the pride of Şanlıurfa

Şanlıurfa (İGFA) – Young people who grew up in the sports halls, which increased from 2 to 49 by the initiative of Şanlıurfa Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, continue to be the pride of Şanlıurfa in national and international competitions.

Hüseyin Musri from Şanlıurfa, who trained in the sports halls coordinated by the Youth and Sports Department of Şanlıurfa Municipality, returned to Şanlıurfa with medals, winning a Turkish first place and a Balkan third place in the Judo branch, although he was still at the beginning of his career.

Hüseyin, yellow belt holder who won the Turkish 55 kilo champion in 55 kilo at the 2022 Turkish Junior Judo Championships held in Afyonkarahisar on July 22-23-24 and the right to participate in won the Balkan Judo Championships in the junior category, defeated his Greek opponent at the Championship in Bosnia and Herzegovina and took 3rd place and won the bronze medal.

Returned to Şanlıurfa from abroad as the third place in Balkan Judo for the little ones, Hüseyin, welcomed with joy by his family and fans, is the youngest member of his family. Hüseyin, who goes to school under difficult conditions in his neighborhood and continues to do judo trainings in Sırrın Gymnasium of Şanlıurfa Municipality, aims to become European and Olympic champion.

Hussein Musri, who was introduced to judo at an early age through Hüseyin’s interest in sport and the attention of his friends, spends most of his day in the gym. Hüseyin, who regularly takes part in training every day, wants to climb the ladder of success bit by bit and wave the crescent moon and star flag.

Coach Cuma Ciniviz, on the other hand, stated that Hüseyin will continue to achieve success with judo and his path is clear, and our goal is to breed European, world and Olympic champions.”

Father Mehmet Müsri, on the other hand, explained that his son makes them proud, that Hüseyin has a European dream and that he wants to represent his country and Şanlıurfa in Europe, and thanked Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Şanlıurfa, for his great effort in realizing it his dreams.

Mother Fatma Müsri and grandmother Zeliha Müsri also stated that Hüseyin went to the gym at every opportunity to practice judo and expressed their pride and joy.

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