How to watch the NBA for the 2022-2023 season?"/>

NBA – A great season is about to begin and while kickoff is only two weeks away, some preparation never hurts. How to watch the NBA in 2022 is the big question and we bring you our help, as well as some valuable advice!

NBA League Pass : we attack directly with the must of the must, the NBA LP. If you are a huge NBA consumer, this is the absolute must. We recommend the NBA League pass for those who watch the NBA at least 4 times a week. From your favorite team, to the biggest matches, it’s the right solution live or in replay. The must of this season? Prices have dropped drastically. 119 euros per season or 149.99 per season with two devices at the same time. If you share with a friend, it brings you back to 75 euros per season, which is quite a good result. Small evolution for the league pass, there will no longer be a delay of 10 to 30 seconds with respect to live. The matches will be almost live. To follow only one team, it will be 109.99 euros per season. Last year, the league pass was more than 200 euros, that’s to say the nice reduction.

BeIN : for those who don’t understand English, there is beIN. One daily “NBA Extra” show per day during the lunch break with a rebroadcast later in the day. The channel publishes 2 live matches, and a total of 3 (+ the morning one), which is still very strong. If you’re a real fan but can’t struggle with sleep either, this is the right plan, and all in French. The subscription will cost you 15 euros per month (without commitment).

Streaming : welcome if you are outlaws like in Red Dead Redemption. This is the solution for those who know the crisis. There are many sites but unfortunately crashes are commonplace. We will advise you exclusively on one address (we will make a video for other good tips):

You no longer have any excuse not to follow the NBA, not to mention a real library on social networks, even at 2 a.m., there will always be someone to advise you. Start of the season on the night of October 19

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