How engineers find the perfect strategy for the race

SEven as a six-year-old, Carine Cridelich was fascinated by Formula 1. With her parents, who were ardent purists, the Frenchwoman watched every Grand Prix in the early 90’s and cheered on Alain Prost when he was raking with Ayrton Senna or Nigel Mansell. In front of the television, she soon suspected that it was not just the driving skills of the chauffeur or the fastest car that made the difference between victory and defeat. “I wanted to understand why Prost is coming to the pit stop now of all times – and how it is possible that he overtakes Senna, who was just ahead of him on the track,” Carine Cridelich recalled to FAS

She suspected that clever minds in the background had a major influence on what was happening on the slopes. Strategists who study data late into the night and forge the perfect plan for Sunday’s race. Who can read the race and are able to react within seconds to the unforeseen – in order to take advantage of it to win. “The fun part of the sport,” says Carine Cridelich, who is now 35 years old.



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