High-quality sports broadcasts are now possible through mobile… Introduction of Afreeca TV Scoreboard function

– Can be used with a single touch on the broadcast screen, providing a user interface (UI) with increased convenience for each event
– It is expected to improve the convenience of content broadcasting and provide a high viewing experience for youth and amateur athletes.
– It will be presented at the ‘Afreeca TV X Technist Super Challenge’, a national badminton competition held on the 8th and 9th.

introduces a new ‘Scoreboard’ function that can provide various game-related information through mobile devices.

Afreeca TV introduced a high-quality mobile broadcasting function ‘Scoreboard’ to provide various game information and an immersive viewing experience to BJ (Broadcasting Jockey, one-man media host) who relays sports on mobile on the 7th (Fri) said he did

The ‘Scoreboard’ function provides a user interface (UI) with increased convenience for each sport so that ball games such as baseball, soccer, volleyball, and badminton can be relayed using only mobile devices. Anyone can easily use it for free by clicking broadcast on the Afreeca TV mobile app, selecting a broadcast category for each event, and adding a ‘scoreboard’.

In particular, when the ‘Scoreboard’ function is activated in a baseball event that requires a variety of information, BJ displays various game-related information such as the tournament name, team match, ball, out count, runner information, score, and innings on the broadcast screen with a single touch. It is possible. For example, you can enter the competition title and team name, and set the ball, out count, and runners on 1st, 2nd and 3rd base by touching. In addition, when the plus (+) button is pressed after each inning, a function that automatically resets the ball, out count and runner settings has been added to increase user convenience.

In addition, in soccer, volleyball, and badminton events, high-quality broadcasting of mobile sports is possible by selecting and using the score, set score, and timer functions. In soccer, it can be used for each match by selecting the ‘timer’ function and directly entering the desired time using the ‘START · STOP’ button. It is expected to provide a more immersive broadcasting environment by utilizing set scores and scoring functions in volleyball and badminton relays.

The scoreboard function will be introduced by participating BJ broadcasts at ‘Afreeca TV X Technist Super Challenge’, a national badminton competition held at Hoam 2 Gym in Chungju for two days on October 8 (Sat) and 9 (Sun). About 1,000 people who love badminton from all over the country participate in this competition, and it will provide various attractions such as a BJ celebration performance and a special match between Samsung Life Insurance’s badminton team.

With the introduction of the scoreboard function, it is expected that youth and sports officials will be able to conduct high-quality broadcast content more easily. In addition, it is expected that users who watch amateur sports will be able to check the current match progress and score through the scoreboard set by BJ, communicate through real-time chat, and enjoy more immersive sports broadcast content.

Meanwhile, starting with this sports event, Afreeca TV plans to continue adding convenience features to increase the accessibility of mobile broadcasting in various sports such as amateur basketball, golf, and running.



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