Hard defeat of Fibwi Palma

Fibwi Palma bled to death in a match to forgetallowing Class Sant Antoni to add their first -and resounding- victory of the season against Pau Tomás’ team (108-69)overwhelmed in the second and last quarters, where the attacking success of the Ibizans knocked out the Majorcans, who conceded a total of 69 decisive points in those quarters to open the gap, especially the partial of 36-16 before the breakand break the game in favor of the Ibizans, who open their locker and catch their breath while Fibwi suffocates at the end of the first week of competition, which ends with a victory – at the horn and against Prat – and two defeats (Benicarló and Class Sant Antoni).

Fibwi Palma held on in the match at the start (23-22), but the debacle of the second set took its toll and gave wings to a Class Sant Antoni that took over the game and the initiative on the scoreboard to expand their income in the last quarter, where the Ibiza team was once again more effective.
Again Asier Zengotitabengoa (14 points and 5 rebounds) was the main argument Fibwi Palma’s offensive player, accompanied by Rafa García (13 points), in a game that Pau Tomàs and his team should immediately forget.

108 Class Sant Antoni (23+36+16+33): Mollgaard (2), Jonats (13), De la Rúa (7), Mmeragic (14), Carreño (6), -starting five- Zurbriggen (15), Haro (12), Richards (14), Medori (8) , Grimau (17) and Osaguena (0).
69 Palm fibers (22+16+15+16): Tamba (8), Feliu (6), Kovacevic (7), Zengotitabengoa (14), García (13), -starting five- Smoyer (3), Signes (2), Karapandzic (3), Font (3), Suskavcevic (8), Andreu (0) and Gibson (2).
Referees. Domingo Vilalta and Fuentes Leon. They eliminated Javier Medori for five personal fouls.



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