Haas critical of crashing Schumacher: “That cost us a lot of money”

Mick Schumacher’s future in Formula 1 is anything but certain. The German Haas driver has an expiring contract and it is not yet clear whether that contract will be extended. In any case, Haas owner Gene Haas is extremely strict with Schumacher and he shares a clear message.

Schumacher is in his second season in the premier class of motorsport. The German made his debut last season and then remained scoreless. He started the current season with some crashes and his position came under pressure. In the end he scored his first points, but that does not mean that the flag can go out yet, at Haas they have not yet made a decision about 2023.


Team owner Gene Haas is in any case very critical of Schumacher’s performance. The American is waiting things out, but is very clear about the crashes in conversation with the Associated Press: “If you’re kind of a rookie in this sport, that’s just not allowed. It’s simply too expensive. If you make a mistake in driver choice, make strategic mistakes or make mistakes in tire choice, it will cost you millions.”

Haas has great confidence in the young German’s steering skills. Still, Schumacher costs his team a lot of money and points. In Monaco, Saudi Arabia and Japan, for example, he caused a lot of damage. Gene Haas: “I think he has a lot of potential but you also know that he costs you a fortune. He destroyed a lot of cars and that cost us a lot of money. We don’t have that. If you score a lot of points, your Max Verstappen and destroying cars, then we allow something like that. If you start from the back and break cars, it’s very, very difficult.”



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