Gyeongsan City Citizen Sports Competition held… About 5,000 people from 15 eup, myeon and dong participated

Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, will hold the 27th Gyeongsan Citizen’s Day Citizen’s Sports Day at the Gyeongsan Citizens’ Stadium on the 8th.

According to Gyeongsan City on the 6th, it is a meaningful competition to be held 4 years after the 23rd Games in 2018. About 7,000 athletes and executives from 15 towns and villages will show their skills and solidarity in 11 sports, including track and field, badminton, foot volleyball, and cooperative running.

The sports competition is a pre-ceremonial event, starting with the Nongak performance of the Jungbang Nongak Preservation Association and the Yeo Won Dance performance of the Jain Dan Oh Preservation Association.

At the entrance ceremony for the Eup, Myeon-dong delegation, the performance of the 50th Infantry Division’s military band will be added to heighten the atmosphere of the event, and the torch relay, which will decorate the highlight of the opening ceremony, is expected to instill pride and great emotion with the participation of representatives of citizens from all walks of life.

After the meal, the Daekyung University Taekwondo Demonstration Team and singers will perform a congratulatory performance, and before and after the closing ceremony, the top star of Mr. Trot, Kim Hee-jae, and invited singers such as Seo Ji-o, Park Se-bin, and Bae Eun-hee will perform.

Gyeongsan Mayor Cho Hyun-il said, “We hope that it will be a great festival of communication and dialogue where we, the 280,000 Gyeongsan citizens who are exhausted from Corona 19 become one. I will make it,” he said.

▲ The 27th Gyeongsan Citizen’s Day Sports Day ⓒ Gyeongsan City

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